Natural Cure For Thinning Hair

Hair loss and hair thinning is a common problem that has been faced by people today. It is not that much serious problem but it will result in affecting good looks of an individual. Men, women and children who are affected by thinning hair problem will lose hair from scalp daily that has to be stopped by following precautionary measures.

Thinning Hair

The texture and patterns of hair loss will vary, which may be either permanent or temporary.  The main reasons for hair loss are age, stress, genetics and hormone imbalance affecting people in huge number. There are various treatment options available for curing this issue that is available in practice. Natural cure for thinning hair is also used by individuals to eliminate the problem completely.

Tips To Cure Thinning Hair Naturally

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is the natural cure for thinning hair that is rich in vitamins and nutrients. This cure can be applied on the head that has to be rubbed and rinsed for few minutes. It cleans debris, dirt and removes additional sebum that blocks the hair follicles. It can also be consumed directly that promotes the hair growth and prevents the loss of scalp hair.

Olive Oil


Onions play a key role in curing thinning of hair effectively. The pulp of the onion has to be rubbed directly on to the hair. It is rich in sulphur that helps in hair growth. After rinsing it for some time, the hair has to be washed to remove unpleasantness of onions.


Green Tea

Green Tea is a natural cure for thinning hair acts as an anti-oxidant agent for solving hair issues efficiently. It has nutritional elements that have the tendency to kill enzymes causing hair roots and follicles.

Green Tea

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a great natural cure for thinning hair that is regenerative in nature. This oil has to be mixed with few ounces of sesame oil and needs to be massaged all over the scalp for 30 minutes. It lubricates the roots of hair, eliminates the dirt and invokes the growth of new hair preventing hair loss.

Lavender Oil


Aloe-Vera, a rejuvenating natural cure for thinning hair that tastes bitter. It has to be applied along with almond oil that cools the hair and pacifies dirt in sebaceous glands of the scalp providing energy for hair growth. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties make it as ideal syrup for scalps.

Aloe Vera Gel


Fenugreek, a semi-arid plant has the ability to promote hair growth and makes it curly. This herb has lecithin, a natural soothing agent that tends to moisturize and strengthen the hair. Fenugreek along with soy milk increases the strength, growth, shine and luster of hair.

Fenugreek Seeds


Capsicum, known for improving blood circulation has the ability to overcome baldness. It is common condiment to the diet of a person that is rich in vitamin A. The hair has to be washed with this cure, which speeds up growth and strength of hair by improving blood flow to hair follicles.



Rosemary is a natural cure for thinning hair that has the contents to improve hair growth. It improves the blood circulation, removes dandruff and cleanses sebum accumulations on the hair scalp.



Nettles, a rich source of vitamins A and C increases the blood circulation in the scalp that promotes hair growth. It also contains minerals, amino acids and mucilages that are required for shining and healthier hair.

Nettle Leaves

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