Natural Cure For Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a nervous disorder that occurs due to defect in the central nervous system. This is a critical disease that has to be treated at the initial stage. If not it may lead to serious effects. There are lot of natural cures for epilepsy.


Tips To Cure Epilepsy Naturally

Vegetable Juices

Consumption of mixed carrot, cucumber and beetroot juices help in the elimination of toxins and prevent epileptic seizures. Mix 300ml of carrot juice, 100ml of beetroot juice and 100ml of cucumber juice. Daily consumption of this juice mixture can help to over come epilepsy. This is very simple and effective natural cure for epilepsy.

Raw Juice

Vitamin B6

Consuming foods rich in vitamin B6 help in over coming epilepsy. The purpose of consuming vitamin B6 is because it strengthens the central nervous system and maintains its proper function. Food products like milk, peanuts, carrots, green leafy vegetables, yeast, rice and cereals are rich in vitamin B6.

vitamin B6


It is a proven fact that including fruits in daily diet is effective in curing epilepsy and lowers seizures caused by epilepsy. Some of the beneficial fruits are apples, figs and especially grapes. Daily consumption of 500ml grape juice considerably decreases frequency of seizures. This is a simple and natural cure for epilepsy.


Reduction Of Stress

Stress and anxiety are the major things that affect the central nervous system. Daily practice of performing yoga and meditation helps in lowering stress in the central nervous system. Creating a peaceful environment can help in overcoming epilepsy.

Avoid Stress

Camomile Tea

Drinking Camomile tea helps a person to relax. This tea can be prepared by using tea bags or by boiling the flowers in water. Regular consumption can give effective result.

Chamomile Tea

Vegan/raw Foods

Consumption of raw food may help in curing epilepsy to a considerable extent. This is because consumption of vegetarian food regulates and brings more oxygen to body.

vegetables (2)

Ketogenic Diet

This the best natural cure for epilepsy and shows positive results. In this type of diet foods containing high fat, protein and low carbohydrate is consumed. This forces, into the body, more fat rather than carbohydrate.

Ketogenic Diet


This is a very effective herbal treatment because of its anticonvulsant action. For this property it is called as tonic herb which lessens seizures. It also regulates central nervous system by its neurotropic effects.

Valerian root


Lobelia is an effective herb that was historically used in the treatment of epilepsy. It has antispasm action that helps in curing epilepsy.



This a historic way of treating epilepsy since this serves as nerve tonic and sedative. The tonic is extracted by boiling the herb in hot water and daily consumption is effective in treating epilepsy.



Sage is an important herb that serves as natural cure for epilepsy. It was also called as miracle herb which strengthens the central nervous system.

Sage Leaves

Blue Vervain

These are effective herbs that are used by American doctors in treating epilepsy. It was also used by many cultures for treating nervous afflictions.

Blue Vervain

Butter And Oil

Butter and oil enhance the body to absorb fat nutrients and help in brain function. Hence, this is recommended for Ketogenic diet. Butter along with some plant based oil can help, like olive and canola oil are effective in treating epilepsy.

Above natural cure for epilepsy methods are effective in treating the disease with zero percent side effects.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.