11 Natural Cure For Hiatal Hernia

Hiatal hernia is a critical disorder in which the upper part of the stomach protrudes into thorax by tearing the diaphragm. Hence, this has to be treated at an early stage before the situation worsens. There are lot of natural cures for hiatal hernia that can eliminate the disease with no side effects.

Hiatal Hernia

Tips To Cure Hiatal Hernia Naturally

Calendula Tea

Calendula tea is very effective in treating hiatal hernia. Calendula tea can be prepared by calendula tea bags and can be consumed daily. This helps in soothing the inflamed tissue and reduces inflammation.

Calendula tea

Gentian Tea

Gentian tea is the oldest method of treating hiatal hernia. Boil one teaspoon of gentian tea dust in a cup of water for 30mins. For additional flavor sprinkle some of ginger and cayenne in the tea. This has to be consumed half an hour before meals.

gentian tea


Chamomile is well known for its anti-inflammatory property and helps in good digestion. This can be consumed in the form of tea between meals.

Chamomile Tea


Cinnamon has lot of medicinal properties which helps in curing digestive problems. This can be consumed as an ingredient in food. Daily consumption works out well in curing hiatal hernia. This is one of the best natural cure for hiatal hernia.

Cinnamon Powder

Primrose Oil

Adding 1,000 to 2,000mg of evening primrose oil in diet can help in curing hiatal hernia. This oil contains essential fatty acids that can aid good digestion and reduces inflammation in stomach and esophagus.

Evening Primrose Oil


There are many herbs like sheep sorrel, fennel seeds, black walnut and other herbs which help in curing hiatal hernia. These herbs can be powdered and can be consumed by mixing it in water or in fresh ginger tea.


Regular Exercise

Regular exercise can give good results in curing hiatal hernia by strengthening stomach muscles. Hence doing chest and abdominal exercise makes the muscles flexible and strong. Performing exercise for 15minutes thrice a week can help in curing hiatal hernia. This is a very effective and natural cure for hiatal hernia.

Regular Exercise

Aloe Vera

For more than 3,500 years Aloe Vera plays an important role in curing digestive problems caused by hiatal hernia. Aloe Vera juice gives an ease from the burning sensation caused by peptic ulcer.

This also soothes the inner lining of intestines and help in healing abdomen pain. Aloe also has laxative property that helps in curing diarrhea. This is the best natural cure for hiatal hernia.

Aloe Vera Gel

Marsh Mallow

Root of this plant is excellent source of curing gastrointestinal distress. This soothes the lining of stomach and cures pain caused by peptic ulcer. It also heals inflammation in esophageal lining and cures hiatal hernia.

Marshmallow Root


This is a type of herb that has the power of curing digestive distress and hiatal hernia. These herbs contain mucilage in a form of soluble fiber that that has the capacity to reduce inflammation and irritation.

This also has the capacity to cure ulcer that are caused by hiatal hernia. Pregnant women are advised not to consume this herb since it may cause some side effects.

Fenugreek Seeds

Slippery Elm

Inner bark of this tree is harvested during spring time are medicines are prepared to treat digestive disorders. These also contain mucilaginous content that help in curing hiatal hernia.Natural cure for hiatal hernia are very effective in curing the disease.

slippery elm

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