Natural Cure For Colon Cancer

Natural Cure For Colon CancerWith the rapid developments in science and medicine, new treatment options are now available for the most gravest of all diseases, attempting to make lives easier. Of all the major life-threatening diseases like nervous system disorders, cardiovascular ailments and more, cancer is the most feared disease, mostly because it is asymptomatic in the early stages, making it difficult to be diagnosed in the early levels.

Different forms of cancer like uterine cancer, skin cancer and stomach cancer can be harsh and may require extensive surgeries and treatments. However, early stages of colon cancer can now be effectively treated by using natural methods. Many studies have demonstrated the efficiency of natural cure methods in treating different forms of cancer. Listed below are a few natural treatments that can cure cancer of the colon.

Natural Cure For Colon Cancer

Colon Hydrotherapy

Also known as colon irrigation, colon hydrotherapy is a great natural treatment for the cure of cancer of the colon. This therapy focuses on the cleansing of the colon. Poor eating habits, faulty diets and excessive stress are some main causes of a sluggish colon, which in turn makes the colon susceptible to cancer.

colon hydrotherapy

This therapy is thought to be one of the easiest treatments for colon cancer due to its non-invasive procedure. An abdominal massage is first given and is followed by the injection of a jet of filtered water through the anus by a 2 inch tube. This injection of water cleanses the colon, detoxifies it, and removes the buildup of waste that may be present in the colon.

One Minute Cure

The one minute cure, or the cure within one minute is another natural therapy that helps prevent and treat cancer of the colon. This therapy focuses on restoring oxygen levels in the body, helping the body’s natural immunes system to treat cancer.

Immuno Biological Treatments

Many a times we fall prey to various illnesses due to improper functioning of the immune system. This therapy aims at restoring the overall health of the patient by aiding system dysfunctions and nutritional deficiency to help the body get stronger, making it better able to fight off the cancer.

Supplements and Foods

We all know that food plays an important role in the maintenance of health. Certain foods and dietary supplements are known to work wonders in healing the affected parts of the colon and reducing the growth of cancerous cells. CoQ 10, omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamins B and C are essential for a patient suffering from colon cancer.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids


Furthermore, patients suffering from this cancer should make it a point to add more ginger and turmeric to their foods since these herbs are known to provide relief in certain cancer symptoms due to their detoxification and anti-inflammatory action. These herbs possess an extraordinary ability to prevent the growth of cancer cells and polyps in the colon, thereby restoring health.

Patients suffering from colon cancer should also include red clover in their diets. Red clover possesses a substance known as genistein which is known to cleanse the blood and remove harmful substances from the body, including cancerous cells. Rosemary and nettle also have a similar pathway of cancer cell destruction, making them excellent natural remedies for colon cancer.

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