5 Effective Ways For Dark Circles Treatment

Dark Circles

Eyes are very delicate and the skin surrounding them is more delicate and thinner than other parts of the body. This area requires special care and attention as it reflects the health and lifestyle of a person. Dark circles start developing at the starting of adolescence and is common in older people and youngsters.

It can be caused due to hereditary factors, illness, not getting required sleep, stress and even nutritional deficiencies. Both internal and external treatments are recommended for curing dark circles.

How To Cure Dark Circles


Vitamins K, A, E and C aid in removing dark circles, especially Vitamin K is very effective in getting rid of this problem.  It removes the puffiness under the eyes, which is caused due to damaged capillaries and arteries present in the skin. Vitamin K heals them effectively and increases the blood circulation to that area.


Vitamin A repairs the skin tissues and has a lot of anti-aging properties, which protects the skin from wrinkles and thinning and thus helps in removing dark circles. Vitamin C amplifies the collagen level and acts as an antioxidant. Thus, it protects the skin from damages. Vitamin E removes dark circles by regulating the vitamin A availability in the body. Moreover, vitamin E has antioxidant properties, which protects the skin from UV rays apollutants. Thus, these vitamins aid in removing dark circles effectively.

Healthy Food

Dark circles can be a reflection of deficiency in the body, so following a proper diet rich in vital nutrients can remove dark circles more effectively. Vegetables like green leafy vegetables, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprout, pumpkin, carrot, brinjal, etc and fruits like berries, banana, avocado, kiwi, mango, peach, apricot, citrus fruits, olives, etc should be taken.

Healthy Food

Whole grains, sunflower, vegetable oil, prunes, raisins, nuts, milk products, egg and soy products should be included in the diet. These foods nourish the skin and help in maintaining the functions of the epithelial tissues. It helps the blood to carry more oxygen to the body parts and can cure eyelid dermis. They help in the regeneration of the cells and alleviate dark circles.

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Sleep And Water

A good sleep relaxes the body and rejuvenates the cells. Eight hours of peaceful sleep is essential for the body to function properly. When you become deprived of sleep, it is reflected immediately through the eyes. The skin gets paler and dark circles will start appearing under the eyes. Therefore, regulating the sleep pattern will help to avoid dark circles and will make you look better.


Keeping the body hydrated is very essential, as dehydration is one of the common causes for dark circles. It is essential to drink 8 -10 glasses of water in a day.

Eye Massage

Eye massage is beneficial in removing dark circles as it relaxes the muscles and enhances the blood flow to the skin surrounding the eyes. Apply an eye cream or coconut oil around the region of the eyes and gently massage with your fingers using circular motion. Slowly sweep up the eyebrows and massage the area around the eyes. Gradually, extend the massage outwards.  Press the pressure points at the bottom of the eyebrows for a few minutes.

Eye Massage

Use gentle and soft strokes or circular motion. Return back to tear ducts and then slowly massage the inside corners of the eyes. Take extra care while massaging the crow’s feet as well as the area surrounding the temples. This massage will drain the lymph and reduce puffiness and dark circles surrounding the eyes.

Head Stand

Headstand can reduce dark circles when done regularly. Start with the yoga posture known as child’s pose. Sit on your knees and bend forward until the forehead touches the ground. Rest the chest on your thighs and place the arms at your sides with palms facing upward. Focus on breathing, lift your head, and move the elbows in front of the knees. Wrap the hands with each other and do not lift the elbows from the ground.

Head Stand

Stretch your hand from the elbow without lifting them from the ground. Pivot the arms and keep them parallel to each other. Interlock the fingers, lift your hips and place your head into the palms. Place the feet on the ground, so that the hip is raised and knees are in air. Slowly straighten your spine and shift your body weight to elbows. Lift the feet gradually upwards in air. Keep your knees bent and make sure the majority of the body weight is on elbows and not on head. Point the toes, stretch your feet straight up, and hold this position for a few seconds. Regular practice of this asana is quite helpful in treating the problem of dark circles.

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