How To Use Vitamin K For Dark Circles

Dark CirclesDark circles of the eyes could be formed due to capillary damage caused by allergies, sun damage, dehydration, sleeplessness, pregnancy and aging or it just could be a genetic cause due to altered pigmentation. Normally with age, the padding below the eyes becomes thin, resulting in dark and sunken eye circles.

Though, there are many natural solutions to treat allergy and swelling that lead to dark circles of the eyes. But, the best out of all remains the use of vitamin K for treating the dark circles that are majorily caused due to aging process. Vitamin K has been remarkable in restoring radiance of the skin surrounding the eyes, improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation.

Hence, vitamin K serves as an effective treatment for getting rid of dark circles and one can look for moisturizers, creams and lotions enriched with vitamin K for topical application to improve the capillary strength and gain whitening effects. Using vitamin K in best possible forms to overcome dark eye circles

Vitamin K For Dark Circles

Dietary Vitamin K

Including vitamin K rich foods like cabbage, spinach, carrots, broccoli and strawberries will help to increase blood circulation that help to reduce darkening of skin surfaces beneath the eyes. Additionally, one should also consume antioxidants rich foods like tomatoes, oranges, berries, plums, potatoes and beans that help to assist in prevention of free radical damage and repair of the damaged skin.

Dietary vitamin K

For those, whose dietary intake of vitamin K is not adequate as per recommended dosage of 65mg in women and 80 mg in men, should include vitamin K supplements on daily basis to decrease the overall skin discoloration and dark circles of the eyes.
Vitamin K based eye creams

Vitamin K Cream With Antioxidants

One must select a vitamin K cream that is enriched with antioxidants like carrots, vitamin C and milk as these additionally support to shrink and treat the dark circles and prevent damage to capillaries of the skin.

vitamin C

Milk based creams works as a good moisturizing agent as proteins and enzymes from milk are necessary for capillary and skin health. Creams containing carrot will be bright yellow in color that serves as an effective cream for concealing dark circles, while curing the problem from within.

Vitamin K Creams With Vitamin A Or Retinol

Use vitamin K creams that include retinol (Vitamin A derivative) as combination of vitamin A and vitamin K is known to improve fine lines, reduce swelling, and increase capillary strength and circulation. These are the major influential factors that must be improved for rectifying the dark circles below the eyes.

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Vitamin K Cream With Caffeine

Vitamin K Cream

Use vitamin K cream containing caffeine as it speed up the recovery process of the cream by fast reduction of inflammation that is the underlying cause of dark circles and eye bags formation. Caffeine is loaded with high amounts of antioxidants that serve the role of repairing skin damages.

Moisturizing Cream

Make use of moisturizing cream for eyes that contain vitamin K to reduce appearance of blood vessels lines and for strengthening capillary walls. Make sure vitamin K containing moisturizing creams must have minimum of 5 percent of vitamin K as its constituent, to embark beneficial results on regular usage. Moisturizing effect even increases elasticity of the skin and prevent stress and aging effects on the skin. Most useful moisturizers with vitamin K also include banana, milk and aloe vera as their constituents as these play beneficial role in improving the skin health.

Moisturizing cream

Vitamin K cream needs to be applied at bed time, by rubbing it gently into the skin surrounding the eyes that includes the skin underneath the eyes. Regular use will show improvement in fine lines and wrinkles within a few days, but improvement in dark circles will appear over a month’s usage or more. Ensure to check for constituents of vitamin K cream before purchase that should work in moisturizing and whitening of the skin and strengthening the capillaries of the skin. Some of these vitamin K enriched creams may pose certain risks for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers. So this group of women must cross check with doctors before using them.

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