Dietary Changes For Curing Kidney Stones

Kidney stonesKidney stones refer to the crystal or solid aggregation that forms in the kidney and may later leave the body via urination. While kidney stones are quite common (affecting 5% and 10% women and men respectively), it is not exactly clear why they occur. Some people develop kidney stones because of genetic factors, certain illnesses or medications.Others, on the other hand, may develop kidney stones because of eating habits and not taking sufficient fluids.

Scientists agree that there are no specific diets that can completely prevent a person from having kidney stones. However, in general, a healthy diet can greatly reduce the risk of kidney stones. Also, if you are already suffering from kidney stones, it is important that you pay attention to your diet and eat the right foods. Here are few dietary changes you should consider for curing kidney stones.

Ways To Cures For Kidney Stones

Opt For Fiber Rich Foods

If you are suffering from kidney stones or have family history of kidney stones, it is crucial that you include fiber rich foods in your diet. This is because most fiber rich foods contain phytate that prevent formation of kidney stones and can also break down existing ones.

Fiber Rich Foods

Phytate is also available in rice bran, legumes and wheat. However, you should avoid eating soybeans because though they are rich in phytate, they have high amounts of oxalate – a compound that may not be beneficial for people with kidney stones.

Go For Calcium Rich Foods

In general, calcium rich foods are advised to patients who are suffering from kidney stones. However, the recommended calcium dosage may vary from one patient to another, depending on several factors such as age, genetic factors and health conditions.

Therefore, it is important to stick to the recommended dosage of calcium. Examples of calcium rich foods include milk, yogurt, curd, and cottage cheese.

Choose Foods Rich In Magnesium

If you are suffering from kidney stones, try to include loads of magnesium rich foods in your diet. This is because magnesium is believed to counteract the damaging effects of oxalate.

Foods Rich In Magnesium

Examples of magnesium rich foods include bananas, avocados, beans, broccoli, and lentils. If your doctor thinks that you are getting too less magnesium from your diet, he may also suggest you taking any useful supplement.

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Eat Celery

For patients of kidney stones, celery is an excellent option. This is because celery contains loads of potassium, which plays an important role in breaking down kidney stones. Furthermore, celery can also prevent formation of new kidney stones. For best results, eat loads of celery regularly.

Choose Citrus Fruits

Eating citrus fruits is usually recommended for patients who are suffering from kidney stones. This is because these fruits are loaded with citrate acid, which prevent kidney stones from forming. Also, you can mix juices of these fruits with plain water and drink them.

Choose Citrus Fruits

Among these fruits, lemon is most effective for patients of kidney stones. Therefore, it is suggested that you drink several cups of lemon juice throughout the day. Consider these tips for getting rid of kidney stones.

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