6 Natural Cure For Kidney Stones

Kidneys are the vital excretory organs that work 24 x 7 hours to remove the deadly toxins and impurities from the blood and excrete the waste through urine from the body. Kidneys not only carry out the purification process but also regulate the fluid balance of the blood, production of red blood cells and is also responsible for the release of certain hormones that regulate the blood pressure.

Kidney Stones

One of the common problems that affect kidney is kidney stones, otherwise known as renal calculi. Kidney stones are crystal aggregations of certain dissolved minerals in the urine. Kidney stones may vary in their size and it may be as small as a grain of sand to as big as a golf ball. The most commonly found kidney stones are calcium based with calcium oxalate being most common.

Other kidney stones are based on certain crystal forming substances such as cysteine, uric acid and struvite. The stone that is formed in the kidney move to the urinary bladder through the urinary tract and cause severe pain and bleeding. Certain small stones may pass out along with urine without much discomfort, while certain others cause severe pain and discomforts.

Lack of water in the diet, inappropriate diet, heredity etc. is the major reasons for developing kidney stones. There are different methods like medications and surgery to remove the kidney stones, but you can get rid of kidney stones through simple and natural methods.

Ways To Cure for Kidney Stones

Olive oil, lemon juice and raw apple cider vinegar

Olive oil, lemon juice and raw apple cider vinegar are ideal for kidney stones and its associated symptoms. Mix two ounces of extra virgin olive with two ounces of organic lemon juice and drink this mixture as soon as you have the initial symptoms of kidney stones.

Then drink twelve ounces of purified water and wait for thirty minutes. Thereafter drink the juice, extracted from half lemon which is mixed with twelve ounce purified water and one tablespoon of organic raw apple cider vinegar. Continue to take this mixture every hour till the symptoms are subsided.

In order to prevent the formation of kidney stones you can take apple cider vinegar and lemon juice mixture daily. Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice helps to dissolve the crystals, while olive oil acts as a lubricant that can ease the passage of kidney stones through urinary tract.

Olive Oil & Orange Juice

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate being a good source of antioxidant is ideal to remove the kidney stones. Polyphenols, which is an antioxidant in pomegranate helps to get rid of the free radicals in the body. Pomegranate juice or seeds are considered as good remedy for kidney stones due to its astringent and sour properties. You can also make a paste of one tablespoon of pomegranate seed and combine it with a cup of soupmade out of two tablespoons of horse gram. This mixture helps to liquefy the kidney stones and help them to pass out.

Pomegranate Juice

Kidney bean pods

Kidney beans otherwise called dried French beans or rajmah beans are very effective in treating kidney stones. Bean pod extract helps to normalize the urination and also increases the quantity of urine. It also aids in treating the infections of urinary tract. In order to prepare the extract, remove the seeds from the pod and the pods are then sliced. Take sixty grams of pods and add four liters of water. Boil this mixture slowly for about six hours and strain the liquid obtained through a fine muslin cloth and allow the mixture to cool downfor eight hours. Thereafter, strain the liquid again through fine muslin cloth, without stirring the mixture. Administer one glass of this decoction to the patient in every two hours; however the decoction should be used within 24 hours of preparation. This is because the cooked kidney beans pod loses its therapeutic properties after 24 hours.

Kidney bean pods


Horsetail is another effective remedy for kidney stones. Horsetail contains fifteen different types of bioflavonoids that impart diuretic property. Diuretic property of horsetail helps to remove the kidney stones. It also helps to reduce the inflammation of the kidney and urinary tract.

Moreover, the silica present in horsetail promotes the absorption of calcium by the body and thus prevents the further formation of kidney stones. Hence, drink three or four cups of horsetail tea daily or take horsetail capsule containing two grams of the herb daily.


Uva Ursi

Arctostaphylos Uva ursi is also known as bearberry, the leaves of which are widely used for treating kidney stones. The herb is a diuretic and astringent and has anti-bacterial properties too. Uva ursi reduces the inflammation of the urinary tract, soften the kidney stones and increases the flow of urine. Thus uva ursi helps to dilute the concentrated urine and prevent the formation of additional stones as well as helps to remove the kidney stones present in the urinary tract. Uva ursi is available in dried form, tea bags, tablets, capsules and powdered form. In order to remove kidney stones you need to take three cups of tea daily, each cup made out of one ounce of dried herb in one pint boiling water.

Uva Ursi

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Organic celery

Celery is a very good diuretic that helps to produce more urine and thus increases the chances of excretion of kidney stone. Moreover, celery helps to eliminate toxins from the body and thus reduces the chances of kidney stone formation. Either the celery seeds or tea made out of celery is effective in removing the stones. Add two tablespoons of celery seeds in two cups of water and bring to boil.

Thereafter, keep the mixture over low flame for eight minutes or till the celery seeds become soft.Strain the tea from the mixture and drink half cup of this tea in every hour. Other natural sources that can help to get rid of kidney stones are dandelion roots, basil juice, aloe vera, foods rich in magnesium like avocadoes, apple and beans, water etc.

Water plays a major role in expelling kidney stones, as water increases the volume of urine and thus dilutes the urine and thereby reduces the concentration of elements that contributes to stone formation. Drink about four liters of water a day and also, reduce the unhealthy eating habits like processed foods, sodas, energy drinks, alcoholic beverages etc. and include more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.