How To Treat Alcoholism In 5 Easy Ways

AlcoholismAlcoholism refers to a condition where a person has no control over his consumption of alcohol. An alcoholic is always in the grip of a powerful craving and hence cannot use his will power to control his urge to consume alcohol. Alcohol dependence has no one particular cause and neither is it genetically passed on. It highly depends on the psychological and environmental factors. The signs may begin with just occasionally over drinking which then slowly leads to a frequent pattern.

Getting angry and violent too is a sign that the person is moving to be an alcoholic. The signs and symptoms of alcoholism include being addicted to drinking, drinking alone or hiding the fact that you wish to drink, withdrawal symptoms like sweating and nausea when you do not consume alcohol, lose interest in activities and becoming irritable if you do not get alcohol. This can be a serious problem if not stopped on time, as in addition to physical problems of alcohol, one also experiences psychological problems. Here are some ways to treat alcoholism:

Various Ways To Treat Alcoholism


The best way to start kicking off the habit of alcoholism is to go on a juice fast. Though initially it may be difficult to control, but make it a point to keep juices stocked up and handy. Whenever the urge for alcohol arises drink a glass of fruit juice. Within a period of two weeks you will see the change. The juices will clean the body and detoxify it.

Fruit Juices

At the end of this treatment you will start feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Celery juice is especially good to cure alcoholism. Extract some raw celery juice and take the same measure of water. Mix both in equal proportion and drink this twice a day. Continue this for at least a month without fail.

Psychological Treatment

An important part of the treatment is a change in the mind set of the alcoholic. He needs to get all the support physically, mentally and medically too. Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) is one such program, in which talks are given by people who have given it up.

Also some doctors explain the bad effects and experiences to the patients. The talks are inspiring and many have benefited from it. So joining such group would be a great support for an alcoholic to help him give up the habit.

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By keeping the mouth busy or just chewing something, is another way to help quit the habit of drinking alcohol. One can put a sugarless chewing gum in the mouth whenever the urge for drinking comes up. Also one can eat carrots, cucumbers and apples.

Fiber Food

This not only keeps the mouth busy, but also helps in reducing the addiction effect. You can eat food which is rich in fiber and low in fat content, as otherwise eating too often will result in weight gain. Eating healthy food and exercising are essentials in keeping the mind and body healthy.

Meditation And Yoga

Meditation and yoga are good for your health. In addition, these also help in the treatment of alcoholism. Meditation helps in gaining self confidence and will power, which are very essential for a person trying to give up alcohol. Yoga and meditation helps build up the energy within to fight this condition.


However, these are slow remedies and will take time to show effect. You must practice yoga and medication along with other treatment measures. Even after the problem of alcoholism is cured, these must be continued for gaining overall health benefits.

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Grapes And Bitter Gourd

Grapes are a perfect replacement for alcohol. Grape has in itself the purest properties from which alcohol can be made. Have grapes in the fruit form or have grape juice whenever the urge for consumption of alcohol arises. Continue this comfortably till you have overpowered the addiction.

Bitter Gourd Juice

Bitter gourd is another food which is good for a person trying to quit the addiction of alcohol. Bitter gourd is known for its medicinal properties. These properties help to detoxify the body and rebuild the damaged cells.  Taking 3-4 tsp of bitter gourd juice everyday in the morning with butter milk will give the desired results.

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