Usefulness Of Vitamins B Complex For Healthy Weight Loss

Weight LossVitamins are significant aspects of healthy diets and very crucial for maintaining proper functioning of body processes and tasks. But, that does not mean that by having vitamin supplements, one has an easy approach in boosting up metabolism and losing out extra kilos. Certainly not, as for maintaining a healthy living and losing weight, one requires a proper balance of nutritional diet and exercising.

Certain vitamins are essential for an efficient metabolism and attaining high energy levels throughout the day. Incorporation of right vitamins in diet is beneficial for weight loss program and retaining high levels of energy. Of all, B complex vitamins are the most crucial in achieving high energy levels and losing weight simultaneously.

Role Of B Complex Vitamins In Healthy Weight Loss

Vitamins work by controlling the rate of metabolism and assimilation of food into readily used form of energy. These should never be considered as supplement for attaining loss of weight, but a vital necessity to control weight successfully and healthily. Vitamins need to be incorporated as part of balanced diet to lose weight and remain energized.

Vitamins B1 And B2

Vitamin B1 and B2 are very important for energy synthesis and production in the body. Vitamin B1 (thiamine) breaks down proteins and carbohydrate into energy and vitamin B2 (riboflavin) helps in red blood cell formation, making weight loss efficient and more productive.

Vitamin B2

Vitamins B1 and B2 delivers high energy at the cellular front and its deficiency results in lethargy and weakness. B vitamins can be easily consumed through foods or as vitamin supplements.

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Vitamin B12

Vitamins B enrich us with energy but that does not direct its use for weight loss. Do not fall prey to weight loss practitioners emphasizing on vitamin B12 injections to lose weight rapidly, as it is just a marketing gimmick. Vitamin B12 energizes the cells by delivering oxygen to all body tissues.

Vitamin B12

For those deficient in vitamin B12, will certainly need such injections, but not the rest. Vitamins are actually not fat burners, but serves as an important support for weight loss. Vitamins may not work all alone to bring about the weight loss, but in coordination with diet and regular exercise these can improve the effectiveness of weight loss program when included in the diet plan.

Vitamin B5 And B6 For Usable Energy

Pantothenic acid

Vitamin B6 supports the metabolic processes like energy production and vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) converts fat, carbohydrates and protein into more usable form of energy. Vitamin C is also useful in weight loss as it aids in maintaining healthy muscles for regular exercising.

B Vitamins Role In  Fat Utilization

Best vitamins that are considered for weight loss are Vitamin B6, B5, B3, B2 and nutrients of Inositol and Cho line. These all work together by regulating thyroid function that potentially influence weight, improving fat utilization by the body and controlling blood sugar by maintaining glucose levels in the blood.

Those, who are not energetic or exercising, attaining weight loss in them, become a difficult task in spite of consuming diet with right balance of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, vitamin A and E also need to be consumed as these makes the skin looks smooth and toned. These two vitamins help the skin after weight loss, looks appealing without any wrinkles.

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