10 Home Remedies For Acne

Regardless of the age, acne can be irksome to many, especially to adolescents and teenagers. Appearance of acne can have a great impact on one’s self-esteem and can be downright traumatic, if they are not treated in due course of time.


Appearance of acne is marked by overactive sebaceous glands that release excess oil, which in turn, attracts bacteria and dust, thereby clogging skin pores. It occurs mostly during puberty and is triggered by hormonal changes and stress. Proper skin care involving the application of remedies that can be made at the comfort of your own house can effectively treat acne.

Tips To Cure Acne Naturally

If you suddenly happen to experience acne, while gearing up for a party, do not panic and use these simple home remedies, made using ingredients stocked up on your kitchen shelf to obtain a smooth and a clear skin.


Topical application of a paste made using neem leaves is one of the most effective ways of killing bacteria that cause acne. It also reduces inflammation, redness and swelling associated with acne and acne scars. A neem mask made by mixing a tablespoon of neem leave powder, a tablespoon of bentonite clay and a few drops of rose water works as a very effective remedy for treating acne.

Leave the mask on your skin for about half an hour and then wash using fresh water. You can also use neem supplements and neem soaps to target acne that are present all over your body. Dabbing the oil obtained from the bark, leaves or roots of neem tree, two to three times a day, not only reduces acne but also prevents and treats acne scars.

Neem Leaves

Lemon And Rose Water

Lemon acts as a natural cleanser through its anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. It effectively kills the bacteria and removes the dust and dirt trapped within the deeper layers of the skin. Apply equal proportion of lime juice and rose water on the face using a cotton swab and leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Wash with fresh lukewarm water and pat dry.

This remedy has been found to be very effective, when applied right before going to bed after washing your face thoroughly using a cleanser. If your skin is very sensitive to lemon, dilute the lemon juice using water, before applying it on the skin.

You can also apply a facial made using lemon peels to eliminate excess oil that makes your skin more prone to acne. Add two tablespoon of shredded lemon peel to 1 1/2 cups of water and a few drops of honey to add fragrance and lessen the acidic feel of the mask. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash using lukewarm water.

Lemon Water


Curcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric, which gives it its rich yellow color, has been shown to act as a potent anti-oxidant, anti-septic and an anti-inflammatory agent for treating acne.

Hence, applying a paste of turmeric mixed with lemon or cucumber juice for about 10-15 minutes on the face can help in warding off bacteria that cause acne and also acts as a natural exfoliant for removing dead cells that clog skin pores. Dabbing turmeric mixed with coconut or sesame oil is a very good remedy for removing acne scars and blemishes.


Aloe Vera

The salicylic acid and zinc found in medications used for treating acne is naturally found in aloe vera. This ingredient works by unclogging skin pores and removing the trapped oil, dust, bacteria and dead cells that promote the growth of acne.

It also acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and an anti-oxidant agent for reducing the redness and the bumpy appearance of acne. Zinc helps in repairing the skin affected by acne by stimulating the production of collagen, thus preventing the appearance of acne in the future. Hence, applying aloe vera paste on the face or consuming aloe vera gel serves as a good home remedy for treating acne.

Aloe Vera Gel


Oxidative stress that occurs due to the accumulation of free radicals in the body can make sebaceous glands over-active, thus enabling them to release excess oil that clogs skin pores.

Grapes, especially its skin consists of one of the most powerful anti-oxidants called resveratrol, which eliminates free radicals, thus affecting the development of acne. Take the pulp of green grapes and rub it on the skin affected by acne in circular motions. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse using water.

Black Grapes

Nutmeg With Cow Milk

Nutmeg is rich in ingredients that block the passage of sebum through the sebaceous glands, which initiate the appearance of acne. Take a few pieces of nutmeg and add a tablespoon of unboiled cow milk and apply this paste for about half an hour on the face. Not only does nutmeg remove acne, but it also eliminates the marks and red spots associated with acne.


Mint Juice

Mint acts as an excellent skin cleanser for clearing the pores and for curing acne through its anti-inflammatory action. It also keeps the skin hydrated, softens and rejuvenates the skin.

Extract the juice from fresh mint leaves and apply it on the face for wash after 10-15 minutes using cold water. This remedy not only reduces acne, but also heals the skin and prevents the re-appearance of acne.

Mint Juice


Yogurt exerts a powerful anti-bacterial effect by killing the bacteria that initiates the process of acne formation. It also acts as a cleanser and an exfoliant by removing the impurities and dead cells that block skin pores, causing acne. The zinc found in yogurt effectively heals the skin affected by acne and prevent acne spots. Rub plain, organic yogurt into the skin until the skin absorbs it completely. Allow it to stay for about 30 minutes and then rinse using lukewarm water.


Cinnamon And Honey

Both cinnamon and honey have been used as an ancient remedy for fighting inflammation and bacterial infection. Mix a teaspoon of honey with half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and apply it on the face, especially on the skin affected by acne at bed time. Wash your face using lukewarm water, first thing in the morning. Repeat this regularly for about two weeks and see the difference on your skin.

Cinnamon And Honey

Orange Peels

Make a powder using orange peels, add water and one teaspoon of honey and apply it on the face. Vitamin C present in orange effectively fights the bacteria that are responsible for causing inflammation and redness associated with acne. This remedy also lightens your skin and removes blemishes caused by acne.

Hence, instead of popping over-the-counter medicines or using ointments for treating acne, use the aforementioned remedies to rid yourself of acne, without harming your skin.

Orange Peel

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.