Top Seven Tips For Staying Fit And Healthy

tips to stay fitWho in this world, does not want to be fit and healthy? We all want, but there are only a few, who would take the pain to indulge into physical exercises, for the purpose.

We also are too lazy at times to follow any complicated diet plan or workout routine. This all leads to a bad health and creates many complications in our lives.

It is very important for every person, to have a good health and proper fitness regime. So, here are seven tips that can give you a fit body and healthy mind. These tips are not only simple, but very easy to follow, and in no time, you will become the perfect person, with a perfect overall health.

Ways To Staying Fit And Healthy

Start Your Day With A Healthy And Hearty Breakfast

Breakfast is first meal of the day and so, it should be nutritious and complete. You can have a bowl of cereal, and some strawberries, with a glass of low fat milk for your daily breakfast. Sandwiches made from whole wheat bread, pasta, whole grain waffles, and yogurt with fruits, can also be healthy breakfast options.

Some of us, try to skip their breakfast in order to lose weight, which is very unhealthy habit. You should never skip your breakfast, as it would not only increase the bad cholesterol levels of your blood, but also decrease the insulin level. On skipping the breakfast, you may also end up eating a lot more during the entire day, than you would normally had, and so end up consuming lots of calories.

Get Your Body Going By Indulging In At Least Fifty Minutes Of Physical Activities Daily

If you want to keep your body fit, then you should also keep it active. For this, you can easily incorporate 30 minutes of physical activities in your daily routine. This can be achieved by preferring walking or jogging over a taxi or cab ride for going to a nearby place.

You can also cycle your way to office or a friend’s place, if that place is a bit far. Whenever you get a chance, prefer stairs over escalators and get up to walk around a little, after a gap of every two hours, during work.


Exercises are also of great help in staying fit and healthy. You need not perform very heavy exercises, just a twenty minutes run on treadmill is about enough. Biking, jogging, skipping, walking and even mowing your lawns can be a good exercise option.

Plan A Balanced Diet For Yourself

Balanced diet is very important for a healthy body. Some people simply refrain from certain foods, in order to remain fit or reduce weight. But, you will be surprised to know that you can eat almost everything, without getting fat, because, it is the quantity that matters the most. You can consume anything, in limited amounts and avoid overeating, but don’t forget to follow a plan.

It is always preferable to have smaller meals at regular intervals, rather than a large meal once or twice a day. Your meals and snacks should be healthy, and able to fulfill all the nutritional requirements of your body. This means that your food should contain enough vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and even fats. The snacks that you take should preferably be healthy, like, apple, homemade muffins and veggies. Try to avoid unhealthy snacks, like, potato chips and even cola.

To Keep Your Brain Fresh, Include Fish Oils In Your Food

Oils derived from fish contain Omega 3 Fatty acids, which are like fuel for your brain. This Omega 3 is also effective in preventing the hardening of arteries that can lead to strokes. Not only this, Omega 3 can also help in burning the excess fat from your body and maintain the overall body health.

Stay fit and healthy

Therefore, it is important that you include fish in your daily diet and in case you are a vegetarian, you can go for fish oil supplements. This would ensure that not only your brain, but blood vessels, along with other body organs are healthy.

Don’t Overlook Water, Keep Your Body Hydrated

Water is required for carrying out every metabolic process of your body and so, it is very important to keep yourself hydrated. Water also helps in removing the toxins from your body and keeps your blood free from impurities.

You should drink water after every hour or at a gap of two hours, at the most. Plain, filtered water is the best for your body, but if you are having difficulty in consuming plain water, then you can also replace some of your daily water intake with non-sugary beverages.

Don’t Let Stress Enter Your Life

Stress can be a menace for healthy life, as it is the root cause of several problems. You should try to keep away from stress and enjoy your life. A healthy mind is the key to a healthy body and so you should try to engage in hobbies that take your mind away from daily tensions. You can organize events or get together, where you meet your close friends and family members and have a hearty laughter.

Stay fit

Yoga classes can help you in this regard, as meditation can be a great tool to combat stress. You should also try to remain positive throughout your difficult phases of life and leave the work related stress in your office. A stress free person is jovial and also has a great physical and mental health.

Sleep Away Your Tiredness And Worries

Many people do not give enough importance to sleep and have irregular sleeping hours. It is important to know that sleep is equally important for your health, as regular food, and water. When you are asleep, your body and mind relax and heal themselves, in the process to prepare for the coming day. If you don’t get enough sleep, that healing process is not complete and your body is not fully rejuvenated.

On an average, a healthy person needs at least 7 to 8 hours of proper sleep, every day. So, give your body the required rest, by sleeping for these many hours, and develop a routine, so that you can remain healthy and fit.

These seven tips are the magical mantras for improving your overall health and fitness. Following these above mentioned tips would not only improve your overall health, but also bring a pattern and regularity in your life. So, go ahead and see for yourself.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.