Effective Herbal Medication For Anxiety

anxiety treatmentAnxiety harassment is known as panic attacks mentally causing intense fright and fear. Anxiety disorder occurs unexpectedly without any symptoms of warning. The attack of anxiety is generally very high for ten minutes and often remains for half an hour.

But at that time the patient may totally loose control over them. Some times the heart pumping is so rapid that it seems to be having a heart attack. Person suffering from anxiety attack may have flow of irresistible panic, chest ache, unpleasant sensation, shaking and feeling of disconnected.

Types Of Anxiety

Basically there are six types of anxiety. They are general anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobia and panic disorder.

In General anxiety disorder the patient suffers from chronic or severe worry or tension which remains all the time with the patient. The major symptoms of this type are stomach problem, impatience and insomnia.

Social anxiety disorder is also known as social phobia. In this disorder, the patient suffers from the terror of being seen negatively by others and being humiliated in front of the public. It is due to extreme shyness in the person.

Post-traumatic disorder is caused after going through a life threatening event in the past. The person starts to see nightmares or flashbacks of that threatening event in the past. The person become upset easily, avoid other people and stays very hyper alertness.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is identified by unwanted thoughts in the mind, which are uncontrollable to stop.

Phobia is another type of anxiety that is characterised by impractical panic to a specific thing or situation. Fear of flying and fear of heights are some of the unrealistic fears. Panic anxiety is identified by occurrence of unexpected attacks repeatedly following with another attack.

Symptoms Of Anxiety

Anxiety is caused due to several related conditions, which is different from individuals to individuals. Anxiety may be caused due to feeling of uncontrollable or fearing thoughts, excessive tension and worrying about something. However, among all types of anxiety, severe fright or persistent worry is the major symptom of anxiety disorder.

Along with the feeling of irritation and severe worry, there are some other emotional symptoms of anxiety. Some of them are feeling of nervousness, focussed on trouble, feeling scared and tensed, anticipating the most terrible things, restlessness, feeling blank in mind and inspecting for danger sign.

Perhaps there are some physical disorders or symptoms that may occur due to anxiety. Excessive heat throbbing, sweating, stomach disorder, repeated urination, breath shortening, stress in the muscles, headaches, insomnia and exhaustion are some of the physical symptoms of anxiety disorder.

Causes Of Anxiety

Anxiety is a disease, which is an inheritance from our ancestors. However, large amount of stress is responsible for anxiety cause. Heart disease, excessive intake of caffeine, premenstrual syndrome, diabetes and anaemia are some diseases that may result in anxiety disorder.

Herbal Medication Of Anxiety

Herbal remedies are one of the best ways to reduce anxiety disorder without any side effects. Massage treatment is another way to reduce the stress and recover sleep. Body breathing workout, yoga, meditation are some helpful ways to reduce the anxiety disorder.

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It is good to do some workouts everyday from your hectic timetable. Regular practices of relaxation techniques may reduce the anxiety disorder resulting in relax feeling. You can measure some specific physiological functions of the body to know the anxiety level in your body. Measuring heart rate, breathing and muscle stress are some of the biofeedback that helps to recognise body anxiety.

The herb named valerian is an efficient herbal treatment for anxiety. This herb should be taken about half an hour before going to bed. The result will be seen within two to three weeks of time. The smell of the herb is not so nice, so people like to have its capsule form.

However, valerian should not be taken before or after surgery, along with alcohol and person having liver disorder. It is essential to take valerian herb consulting with a qualified health consultant. Valerian is the best medicine for occasional terror and anxiety.

Passion flower is a great natural remedy for prevention of anxiety. Scientifically this herb is known as Passiflora incarnata. However, this herbal medication should be taken under proper medical supervision. Passion flower is herbal non-drowsy tranquilliser that relives nervousness and also occasional anxiety.

Cognitive-behaviour and exposure therapy are very efficient types of therapies to treat anxiety. Cognitive-behaviour deals mainly with thoughts or feelings along with behaviour. This treatment helps to identify and challenge the depressing thinking that is increasing the anxiety disorder.

In exposure therapy the patient will be able to deal with his fear in safe and controlled environment. Repeated exposure to the patient’s thinking or fear will increase the control sense of the patient. If the patient is able to face his fear without any harm, the anxiety problem will reduce gradually.

Use of plant essential oil is another useful treatment for anxiety. Addition of essential oil in to the bathtub or massage oil shows great result in recovering anxiety disorder. There are various oils that can be used for anxiety treatment. Rose oil, sandalwood oil, jasmine oil, cypress oil, geranium oil and Melissa oil are some of them. Treatment of oil is known as aromatherapy.

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Roots of kava are very efficient in controlling anxiety in human. Studies showed that beverages made of kava root have the ability to throw out the anxiety problem from root. Intake of this beverage will give a mild anaesthetising sense in tongue, followed by feeling of relaxation along with reduction of anxiety and fatigue.

Consumption of cherry grown in winter season are effective for treatment of anxiety and emotional strain. Winthania somnifera is the botanical name of winter cherry. Rhodiola Rosea is another useful herbal treatment for anxiety. It is widely known for its excellent action to reduce anxiety and supports the entire body during stress attack. 5-Hydroxytryptophan is another efficient medicine for stress. It is originated from plant sources and act as pioneer to Serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that helps to regulate mood balance.

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