Change Of Diet To Cure Lupus

lupusLupus is a serious and life threatening autoimmunity disorder that leaves the sufferer debilitated. Achy joints, fever, skin rashes and lesions, ulcers, seizures, abnormal blood clotting and a host of other symptoms are noticed in persons suffering from this disorder, in which the immune system loses its power to discriminate between normal healthy tissue and antigens (disease causing agents), and starts attacking the healthy tissue.

Lupus may restrict itself to the skin or it may affect internal organs. It is caused due to a number of factors such as stress, viral infection, exposure to ultraviolet radiation etc. Though medications are available for treating lupus, diet and exercise majorly aid the patient in recovering his/her normal immunity status, and thereby fight this deadly disease. A nutritious well-balanced meal, rich in nutrients, is found to be beneficial in treating lupus, as it improves the health of the immune system and strengthens it.

Change Of Diet To Cure Lupus

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Whole grain breads, fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, healthy lean meats and oily fish are found to be naturally endowed with anti-inflammatory properties.


As internal and external inflammation is one of the major discomfitures caused by lupus, anti-inflammatory foods are highly beneficial in alleviating the discomfiture. Whole wheat breads, spinach, apple, chicken and salmon can be included in your daily diet.

Immunity-Boosting Foods

Foods that strengthen the immune system are specifically required to treat lupus, as this disease severely damages the immune system.


Yogurt, oats, barley, garlic, fish, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, green tea, and chicken soup can be included in the daily diet of persons suffering from lupus, as these foods have powerful immunity boosting properties.

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Calcium-Rich Foods

Osteoporosis is one of the effects of lupus . Hence, foods rich in calcium should be eaten in order to improve bone health and keep the osteoporosis under control.

Green leafy vegetables

Yogurt, dark green leafy vegetables, cheese, dairy milk, soy milk and orange juice are some of the foods that are rich in calcium.  Your diet for lupus should include these foods.

Table Salt

Consumption of common salt and foods high in common salt should be restricted. The normal daily intake of salt is around 1500mg. Persons suffering from lupus should consume much lesser than this quantity of table salt on a daily basis.

Table Salt

This is because table salt helps the body in retaining unhealthy fluids which result in swelling in different parts of the body.  Such a development adds to the other complications present in the body due to lupus, and hence, should be prevented. Thus, along with salt commercially processed foods such as potato fries, salted crackers, cheese dips etc. should be avoided.


Allergens are foods to which your body shows adverse response. These foods vary individualistically from person to person. The food that may elicit an allergic response in one person may not do so in another person. You have to maintain a dairy of foods that aggravate your lupus symptoms and avoid them.

On the whole, a nutritionally well-balanced diet is important for strengthening the auto immune system of the body. Drinking plenty of water is one of the basic necessities, as water keeps the body hydrated and flushes out the body toxins, and improves mobility of nutrients in the body, thereby improving the general health of the body.

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