Best Strength Training Exercises

DeadliftIf you are dreaming of increasing your stamina, running faster, losing fat faster, playing longer, gaining muscle size and aiming at that hunk kinda physique, then its time you should hit the gym and get started with some strength training exercises.

The known after all is that you cannot achieve any of your performance and physique goals unless you increase your strength. So, give this article a quick glance and learn about some of the best strength training exercises.

Strength Training Exercises


Hold a pair of dumbbells in front of your thighs while standing. Then tip from the hips and keep lowering the dumbbells slowly towards the ground. Make sure your back is flat. Return to the initial posture and then repeat the process.


Face the floor, while resting on your knees. Place your palms on the floor by your head .Your fingers should be kept apart from each other so that they are able to sustain the weight of the body and exert less pressure on the wrists.


Your legs should be stretched behind you and rest them on your toes. Then contract your abs so that your buttocks do not sink or stick up. Keep your spine parallel to the floor and pull your abs towards the ceiling.

Standing Curl

Hold dumbbells in each hand and stand with your feet a little apart from each other with your knees bent slightly. Stiffen up your biceps and keeping your palms in the forward direction curl up your arms.

Standing Curls

Make sure your arms are always close to your sides. Then pause for a while, compress your biceps a little more and then lower gradually.

Lateral Raise

This is for the shoulders. For this you need light weight or medium weight dumbbells. Keep your elbows bent a little and lift your arms out to the up to the level of your shoulders. Lower first and then repeat the process.


Stand, look forward and hold your chest up and out. Keep your feet a little apart and hold your hands straight out in front of you to provide you balance. Now sit back as if you are sitting on an imaginary chair. Make sure you keep your head facing forward and your upper body will bend a little bit forward as well.


This will prevent you from getting imbalanced and falling. Don’t let your back round up but let it go in the arch position a bit. Keep lowering down until your thighs are parallel to the floor or as parallel as they can be. Your knees should come up over your ankles and your heels will be holding your body weight. Be firm and then push yourself to get back to the initial position and stand up. Repeat the process.

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Wide Squat

Wide Squats
Place your feet quite apart from each other and bend your knees so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Pause for a while, then push your body up to the initial posture and then repeat the process.

So, now you have come to know about some of the basic yet effective strength increasing workouts. So, its better you do not waste a single moment, pack up your gym bag and hit the gym now to try these wonder workouts. All the best!

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