4 Weight Training For Women Over 50

A woman’s body over 50 is a lot different than a woman’s body at 20’s or 30’s. But that doesn’t mean women over should not perform weight training exercises. With respect to the age differences, weight training over 50 for women need to be modified appropriately.

weight training

Benefits Of Weight Training For Women Over 50

Two session of resistance training per week is recommended by American College of Sports Medicine for women over 50, along with three 30 minutes session of cardiovascular exercise and light stretching. While walking, jogging, swimming and cycling are beneficial for your cardiovascular system, weight training exercises using light weights can help women over 50 to prevent osteoporosis and fractures by reversing the declines in muscle strength and bone density that comes with age.

A moderate weight training program can improve blood cholesterol levels, control blood sugar and blood pressure. It can restrict you from putting on weight and also reduce arthritis pain and lower back pain.

Building Strength Training Workout Plan

According to American College of Sports Medicine, women over 50 should have workout plans that cover all major groups of muscles. Women should start with maximum of 2-3 pounds of weight with a goal of attaining 10-15 reps per set.

Getting Started

The exercises mentioned below are appropriate to get started. Though working with light weights is safe, yet if you are above 50 and suffering from heart disease or any other medical condition,  take permission from your doctor before starting weight training programBefore each workout, warm up yourself well. Run, march or ride a stationary bike or use treadmill for 10-15 minutes. You can do some gentle stretches also.

Begin with light weights. Gradually try to increase the weight. Listen to the signals of your body. If you feel even minor discomfort or pain while lifting weights, reduce your load. Do not ignore the pain. Rest for one to two minutes between each sets.

Don’t straighten your knees and elbows fully while exercising as it can put excess stress on your joints. Breathe out while lifting, wait and inhale while bring the weight down.  While lifting weight avoid arching the back. Target large muscle groups like legs, back and chest first because they can withstand heavier load.

Few Basic Weight Training Exercises

Bench Fly

Bench fly is for chest. After lying on the bench, hold the weights up over the chest with your elbows slightly bent. Slowly bring the weights down to the level of your chest. Reverse the exercise and repeat.

bench fly

Lateral Raise

Lateral raise are for strengthening your shoulder.  Stand with your feet apart. Bend your knees slightly and hold the dumbbells in your palm at thigh levels. Slowly pull them up to the level of your shoulder. Bring them down slowly and repeat.

lateral raise

Upper Back Exercise

Hold the dumbbells at the thigh level and bend your knees slightly. Pull the dumbbells up until your hands reach above the shoulder, slowly bring down and repeat.

Upper Back Exercise

Abdominal Exercise

For abdominal exercise, sit on the floor with your knees bent and arms forward and feet flat. Bent slowly towards the floor, sit back and repeat. Whatever exercise and push ups you may perform, correct form is crucial at the age of 50. Improper form can cause injury.

abdominal exercise

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