Best Remedies For Constipation In Infants

The bowel movement schedule of an infant depends upon diet and the health of the digestive system. Less frequent bowel movement that makes the baby uncomfortable is a common symptom of constipation.

Constipation In Infants

Infant constipation could be cured with simple home remedies.

Best Remedies For Constipation In Infants

Change the Formula Brand

Constipation rarely occurs in breastfed babies. Babies on formula milk are more likely to be constipated. Often changing the formula brand could ease bowel movement. Frequency of bowel movement might be improved by giving the baby soy formula.

Change Brand of Formula Milk


The perfect balance of fluid and other nutrients in breast milk eliminates the risk of dehydration in breastfed infants. Dehydration is more likely to occur in older babies on solid diet. If the baby is not given enough water to drink, the body absorbs fluid from the waste material, making the feces harder.

It would be extremely difficult for the baby to pass the hard stools. To soften the bowel, the baby should be given sufficient fluid. Give you child two or three extra glasses of water. Diluted fruit juices could also help to hydrate the child.


Increase Fiber Intake

Constipation is more likely to occur in babies when they are weaned. The first solid foods of babies usually comprise of rice cereals. The low fiber content in the cereals could reduce the frequency of bowel movement. Blending a teaspoon of bran to the cereals might help the baby to pass stool without difficulty.

You can consider replacing the rice cereal with wheat or oat cereal. To increase the fiber content in your baby’s diet, you can give your baby pureed fruits such as bananas, apples, apricots and prunes. Fiber rich vegetables such as cooked carrots and spinach could also improve bowel movement.


Prune juice

Babies suffering from severe constipation could be given prune juice daily. The mild laxative effect of prune juice could soften the bowel and increase the frequency of bowel movement in babies prone to constipation.

One ounce of prune juice diluted with equal amount of water could be given, twice a day, to babies above two months of age. In older babies on solid food, blending prune juice with cereals could ease bowel movement.

Prune juice


The frequency of bowel movement might be influenced by the activity level of the baby. If your baby could crawl, encourage him or her to crawl as much as possible.

If your baby is not ready to crawl, move his or her legs in a circular motion as if pedaling a cycle. Gently massaging the baby’s belly might help to improve bowel movement.


Glycerin suppository

Your child might need some outside help to pass bowel. Occasionally glycerin suppositories are inserted in the rectum to stimulate bowel movement.

Lubricating the rectum is especially recommended to reduce pain caused by rectal tear.

glycerin suppositories

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Mild laxative

Occasionally babies suffering from constipation could be given mild natural laxatives. Blending psyllium husk with cereals or pureed fruits and vegetables could heal constipation.

You can give your baby one teaspoon of flaxseed oil. You can even consider adding a teaspoon of ground flax seeds to the baby’s cereal.

Flax seed oil

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