4 Alternative Treatments For Psoriasis

Psoriasis is one of the most common skin diseases that directly attack the cells of the skin. In this particular skin disease, cells accumulates on the skin surface leading to formation of unusual kind of silver lining that gradually appears like a crimson spot which is prickly, and desiccated when touched. These coloured skin patches can cause a lot of pain to a person.


The symptoms of psoriasis are fluctuating in nature, i.e. sometimes they appear to recede or vanish altogether or can even aggravate in a given condition. Patients of psoriasis often view it as a two-dimensional skin disease for the reason that for many patients it can just be a simple case of skin irritation which can be easily cured in a short-term whereas for some patients, psoriasis can render them immobile because of the fake psychological stigma often associated with it. In this case, immobilization occurs when psoriasis is accompanied by arthritis.Though psoriasis cannot be cured fully if it has assumed serious proportion but its symptoms can always be mitigated by following good quality treatments.

Symptoms of Psoriasis

Symptoms of psoriasis may appear differently in people but there are symptoms that are common to every patient of psoriasis. A person experiences inflexible joints along with swelling, appearance of crimson coloured patches on skin, cracks appears on the surface of the skin mainly because of dryness and because of it, blood starts oozing out of splintered skin area. Coloured spots are often accompanied by intense smouldering sensation. Both finger nails and toe nails become corrugated.

Treatments Available for Psoriasis

Even if one or more symptoms are visible, then you must consult a qualified skin specialist. In the initial stage, psoriasis can be cured completely but in the advanced stage, symptoms starts to take a toll on your health.Treatments available for psoriasis can be individual treatment or a combination of several other treatments. Before going to a doctor, you must write down the points that need to be asked so that any sought of misconception can be clarified.

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At times, an immediate relief is required from the intense discomfort caused by psoriasis. For this purpose, topical treatment is administered to a patient. In this type of treatment, specialized gel or cream is applied on to the affected area. This method is effective in case of initial phases of psoriasis where symptoms are mild but in the advanced stages, topical treatment is combined with other categories of treatments.

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There are several medications that reduces inflammation of skin, treat scaly patches on skin and make skin smooth texture wise. In treatment of psoriasis, skin conditions like acne vulgaris as well as tanned skin gets treated automatically. For instance, cortico-steroids, retinoid and anthralin are essential components of topical treatments for psoriasis. Usage of salicylic acid in combination with other medicated elements is an effective remedy in the treatment of scalp psoriasis.


Photo-therapy is another treatment available for curing psoriasis. It either utilizes natural or artificial source of light. In this technique, affected skin area is exposed to specified quantity of light. There are other forms of photo-therapy which are used according to the condition of the skin.


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