Alternative Treatments For Asthma

AsthmaAsthma is a chronic lung disease that causes inflammation and constriction in the bronchial passageways. During an asthma attack the bronchial tubes get narrowed making breathing very difficult due to constriction of the chest, constant wheezing and coughing.

Asthma attacks could be triggered by allergens that could be as simple as molds or pet dander or something as serious as emotional stress. Becoming aware of those triggers and then avoiding them totally is the first step towards treating asthma. Doctors generally prescribe anti inflammatory medications and bronchodilators to cure asthma. Since there is no permanent cure for this disease more and more asthma sufferers are opting for alternative treatments that are safe and are capable of providing a holistic cure.

Alternative Treatments For Asthma

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are the most widely used alternative treatments for asthma. Even though research has amply proved their effectiveness taking precautionary measures before their usage is highly recommended. Precautionary measures in this case involve consulting a doctor. Herbal teas like green tea and chamomile tea clears congested nasal passageways and thus are a great source of relief for an asthma sufferer.

Herbal Remedies for Asthma


Herbalists also recommend the consumption of ginger root and honey mixed in water or tea to reduce breathing problems as they are very good bronchodilators. Ma Huang, Lobelia, Licorice, Coleus Forskholii are some of the herbs that can be used to cure asthma holistically as they are excellent bronchodilators, they strengthen the lungs and soothe respiratory passageways.

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Homeopathy aids in asthma by instigating the body to restore its natural balance and making use of its self healing capabilities. Homeopathic medicines for asthma mainly comprise those elements that can bring forth an asthmatic reaction like pollen or weeds.

Arsenic Album

This form of treatment also makes use of biochemical tissue salts that stimulates the body’s self healing response. Carbo vegetabilis, pulsatilla, arsenicum album, natrum sulphuricum and cuprum net are some of the homeopathic medicines for asthma that can be used to cure the symptoms of the ailment.


Acupuncture, a modern day phenomenon that originated in China has gained popularity over the years. In this treatment very thin needles are inserted at strategic locations on the body. This whole exercise is performed to influence the flow of energy in the body which acupuncturists believe is very important to cure any disease.

Acupunture for Asthma

Research has proved that acupuncture can provide short term relief from asthma symptoms and this form of treatment is highly beneficial for those whose asthma is triggered by allergens. Therefore, asthmatics can opt for acupuncture; however he/she is advised to consult only licensed acupuncturists or medical practitioners of acupuncture.

Breathing Exercises

For centuries breathing exercises like pranayama have been recommended to be practiced to get relief from asthma symptoms. Even though nothing much has been proved about their effectiveness, knowing the correct breathing techniques are an absolute must for an asthmatic.

Buteyko Breathing Technique

Breathing techniques like Buteyko breathing and yoga breathing stresses on the fact that asthma sufferers usually over breathe and tend to lose too much carbon dioxide in the process. According to these techniques asthmatics must follow certain breathing methods that involve taking breaths less often, breathing slowly, breathing through the nose and not the mouth and breathing by making use of the diaphragmatic breathing process. These techniques gives relief from the symptoms of asthma and gradually an asthma sufferer may even stop using reliever medication.

De-stress And Massage

Environment and emotional stress are the two major causes of asthma. The moment you feel stressed you start breathing heavily. This happens because stress blocks the nasal passageways with mucus making breathing very difficult. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to remain calm in a stressful situation. Practice deep breathing exercises that involve inhaling through the nose and slowly exhaling through the mouth regularly.

Massage Therapy

Biofeedback, meditation and hypnosis are some other techniques that can help you to manage stress to a large extent. Constriction of airways gives a feeling of tightness in the chest during asthma and when this happens frequently, consulting a massage therapist or a chiropractor could prove to be beneficial. Massaging and chiropractic are very good alternative treatments for asthma as they help to enhance air circulation which relaxes the lungs.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.