7 Adverse Effects Of Eating Too Much Honey

Effects Of Eating Too Much Honey

Honey is one of the well known and health promoting nutritional supplement which is also used for treatment of some health problems as well for preparation of natural medicines. But in certain cases, excessive intake of honey can give rise to various side effects.

Here Is The List of Main Side Effects Occurred Due To Excess Consumption of Honey:

1. Stomach Cramping and Constipation

The maximum limit for honey intake is ten tablespoon per day. If this limit exceeds, the consumer can suffer from diarrhea, stomach cramping, constipation and bloating.

Stomach Cramping

2. Increased Level of Sugar in Blood

Honey is all sugar without any fiber content; so the consumer while eating honey gets nothing but sugar. This sugar is absorbed by blood rapidly and leads to an insulin spike. Sugar with fiber is not absorbed that much by the blood but as honey does not have any fiber, it directly increases the sugar level in blood.


3. Malfunctioning of Gastrointestinal Tract

Over consumption of honey on regular basis always results imparting negative effects on gastro-intestinal tract. Actually absorption of nutrients become a permanent problem this way and being slightly acidic, honey can lead to malfunctioning of gastrointestinal tract.

Gastrointestinal Tract Malfunctioning

4. Allergy and Weight Gain

The main component of honey is fructose; thus eating honey so much can lead to unwanted weight gain, pancreatic cancer, acne, diabetes and allergies. Moreover, excess intake of honey can result in erode of tooth enamel. Due to extra sugar content in honey, the chances of obesity become higher. People having allergy to pollen, celery and other allergies related to bee activities should not use honey.

weight gain

5. Promote Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure is an abnormal health condition which can occur in anyone. Moreover, many people are there to suffer this problem nowadays. Although, there are many causes to give rise to low blood pressure but honey is also an important reason for lowering the blood pressure.

Blood Pressure

6. Increasing Risk of Bleeding

When one is suffering from the condition of internal bleeding or external one, it should avoid consumption of honey.


7. Decrease in Teeth’s Health

This is also important describe here that excessive intake of honey leads towards decreased health of teeth. You can experience erode of tooth enamel and unattractive look of honey. Sometimes, honey can be the reason to formation of dental cavities as acid present in it attracts acidophilic bacteria.


So, you might have been happy to know all these side-effects of having excess consumption of honey. Well, you need nothing but to keep all these adverse effects on mind during the time you eat honey.

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