How To Treat Obesity In 5 Simple Ways

ObesityObesity is a problem faced by more and more people across the world. The increasing rate of obesity among children is also an alarming and a serious public concern. Obesity is a medical condition which refers to a condition where the Body Mass Index (BMI) of a person is above 30. The person who is obese has effectively accumulated so much fat in the body that it has negative effects on his health.

Obesity is caused due to several reasons. The most important reasons of obesity is consumption of excess calories, leading a sedentary lifestyle with no activity or exercise, insufficient sleep and certain medications. Obesity results in a variety of problems for the body including some which may become fatal. It is very important to treat obesity at an early stage, as the more the treatment is delayed; the more difficult it becomes to cure the problem. Here are a few ways to treat obesity:

Various Ways To Treat Obesity


Obesity simply means your body has more fat than it should ideally have. This means that the excess fat needs to be burned. The best way to lose those extra pounds in the body would be to exercise every day. To reduce weight and lose unnecessary pounds from your body, exercising is very important.


An obese person must exercise vigorously for atleast 45 minutes every day. Vigorous exercise includes running, working out at the gym, dancing, swimming and cycling. In addition to this, brisk walks, yoga and meditation should also be done for atleast 45 minutes. This not only helps in losing weight, but also helps in reducing stress levels, which in turn helps to reduce obesity.

Maintain Healthy Diet

Along with exercise, diet plays an important role in reducing obesity. Your daily food must be wholesome and nutritious and include all the essential vitamins and minerals. Reduce the fat content in your food and cut off sugar.

Consuming Fiber Rich Food

Consuming fiber rich food comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables will help you feel full faster, thus reducing your urge to eat more. Avoid junk foods and oily or white flour foods that increase the weight. You must also reduce alcohol and quit smoking to see visible difference in your weight levels.

Honey And Lemon

This mixture of honey and lemon is known to have amazing health benefits and positive effect on reducing obesity. Take one teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of lemon. Mix this and take it first thing in the morning every day along with lukewarm water.

Lemon And Honey

By following this routine every day for at least 3 months continuously, you will see visible reduction in weight. In addition, honey helps in improving the immunity of the body. However, remember to religiously follow this every day.

Have Smaller Portions At Proper Intervals

In addition to eating healthy food, you must also bring about a discipline in your eating habits. This means that rather than taking 3 full meals in a day, you should eat in smaller portions, once every 2 hours.

Remember, the critical point here is to eat in small portions. You can also munch on healthy snacks throughout the day, to avoid overeating during meal times. Drinking sufficient water throughout the day also helps in losing weight.

Consume Spicy Food

 Spicy food helps in burning fat. Increase the spice content in the food you consume and include spices such as ginger, cinnamon and black pepper for reducing weight.


Taking ginger tea along with black pepper 2-3 times a day also helps to reduce body weight. However, simply increasing the spice content in your food will not help in weight reduction. You must follow this along with a healthy diet and adequate exercise.

A healthy diet and active lifestyle are very important requirements to cure obesity. In addition to this, smart eating is critical as this helps in reducing your food intake, which in turn helps in cutting down those extra pounds from your body.

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