10 Natural Remedies For Toothache Relief


Natural Remedies For Toothache Relief

The problem of toothache can cause havoc in daily routine activities. People with bad oral health mainly suffer from this kind of problem. The problem of toothache can vary as per the reason leading to this kind of problem. The ache generates from the jaw and can last till medications are not taken. It is therefore good to know the reason behind the problem and cure it through proper medications. Reasons such as infection, cracked tooth, disorder in joints and other problems lead to toothache issue. People suffering from this problem cannot properly concentrate on the issue and need to cure it. Natural types of home remedies can be applied to get relief from pain and other kinds of symptoms. The remedies should be safe and should provide instant results to reduce ache.

Here Are The 10 Natural Remedies For Toothache Relief:


Garlic is natural products that is provided by nature and is easily found in kitchen. Garlic contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that will cure the problem of toothache. You can use the garlic juice directly on the gums and get relief from continuous ache. Chew down some garlic in regular manner to extract best results.



Onion is very perfect source of compounds that can be used to cure toothache issue from the base. Onions are easily found and can be used in various manners to deal with toothache. Take some onions and chop down. Extract the juice from the chopped onions and apply directly on the infected area. Keep it for some time to see best results.

Onions (2)


Cloves are universal solution to cure toothache problem. It is being used since long time back to take care of the oral health. The essential oil that is present in cloves can help to cure oral problems including toothache. Chew down some cloves regularly to extract proper results. You can also apply the oil directly on the gums and infected area to get instant results.



Peppermint contains proper level of mint flavor in it and which serves better to reduce toothache problem. You should always take care to use peppermint in a well desired manner. Take some of these leaves and boil it in water. Drink the tea in regular manner to take care of gums and avoid toothache problem. It will also cure infections that lead to such problems.

Peppermint Leaves

Tea Bag

Tea bags can be used at home to deal with toothache problem. Tea leaves contain tannins and other chemical compounds that will help to deal with the pain issue. Take one tea bag and dip it in hot water. Now use this tea bag and apply on the toothache area for some time. Continuous application of this idea will help reducing ache problem.

Tea Bag (2)

Red Cayenne Pepper

Red cayenne pepper is also superb solution to take care of toothache. Take some red cayenne pepper and make paste from it. You can add ginger powder to it and mix it well. Preparation of this kind of paste is very good for the problem. Apply some of this paste on the affected area and release the pain associated within the gums.

Cayenne Pepper

Guava Leaves

Guavas trees can be found in garden and a great solution can be prepared by using these leaves. It contains some essential properties that will deal with toothache problem. The anti-inflammatory properties will help to reduce the inflammation in the gums and cure the infections. Chew some of these leaves in order to extract the juice from it.

Guava Leaves


Potatoes are good while curing toothache problem. Potato has good properties that can help dealing with the issue in a very good manner. Take one potato and peel the skin off from it. Take some salt and apply it on the potato. Mash it down and apply the mashed solution to deal with such kind of problem. It will release the pain and cure it instantly.

Sweet Potatoes


Lemons are usually packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. Use of lemon can help to deal with the problem of toothache. Take one lemon and use its juice to cure the problem. The acidic nature of the lemon juice will not allow the infection to grow and hence put the infection under control. You can either drink the juice or can apply the juice on the spot.



Cucumber has cooling effect and it can help to cure the sores that lead to the formation of toothache. Do not use cold cucumber and only use normal temperature cucumber. Mash the cucumber and add little bit of salt to it. Use the mash to apply straight on the infected zone. It helps reducing the effect of toothache.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.