4 Wonderful Herbs To Cure Sore Throat

Sore throat can be defined as a sort of throat infection which mainly results in dry itching or burning sensations in the throat. Overuse of your voice and increased smoking etc. are the main causes behind the problem of sore throat.

Sore Throat

The infection is found to be one of the commonly occurring as well as distressing one among us. A flu or common cold can accompany this infection, particularly sore throat. Herbal remedies are found to be best in curing sore throat very effectively. Here are some such excellent herbs which can be utilized in the treatment for the same.

Herbal Remedies For Sore Throat


Myrobalan is found to be one of the valuable herbal cures for the sore throat infection. Myrobalan is proved to be useful in treating cough, cold and other throat infections. This herb is known to show excellent astringent as well as anti inflammatory properties due to which it is used in curing sore throat.

The tannins, sterols and Gallic acid present in this herb are found to be valuable in the treatment for the same. A decoction can be prepared by boiling this herb in a cup of water and then can be taken once or twice daily for the better results of the treatment.


Slippery elm

Slippery elm is another effective herb used in the case of sore throat and several other infections. The inner bark of this herb is found to be useful in treating sore throat. The anti inflammatory actions of this herb, slippery elm, are proved to be beneficial in curing burns and wounds too.

Tannins, sterols and mucilage are found to be richly present in this herb which is useful in healing the infection at a faster rate. Tannins are effectual in fighting against the bacterial action and hence can help in curing sore throat. A cup of herbal tea prepared by adding a few leaves of this herb can be taken once in everyday as a part of the treatment.

slippery elm


One of the thorny herbs, namely myrrh, is an excellent herbal cure used in the case of sore throat. The bark of this herb produces a resin which is mainly used in treating throat infections and gum diseases. This particular herb is also found to contain essential polysaccharides, oils, terpenoids etc.

Myrrh is moreover an astringent as well as antibacterial herb which is advantageous in healing sore throat infection. Rinsing your mouth using a little of freshly prepared decoction of this herb can be regarded as an effective method to cure the infection.



Due to the excellent anti bacterial as well as antiviral properties of garlic, it is used as an important herbal cure in the case of throat infections, cold and other respiratory problems. An excellent herbal tea can be prepared by simmering a few garlic cloves in a cup of water.

Drink small quantities of this tea quite a few times daily which can be helpful in relieving from the soreness caused due to the infection. Garlic can be consumed in large amounts along with other nutritious food items which can be beneficial in boosting our body immunity.


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