Best Remedies For Black Foot Disease

Black Foot Disease is a rare vascular disease that is very common in counties like Taiwan and China. It has gangrene-like indications and can affect both the feet as well as the fingers.

Black Foot Disease

Symptoms Of Black Foot

This medical disorder starts with the formation of black pustules on the feet. The pustules can be very painful and when ruptured drains out pus and blood along with a foul odor. The areas around the pustules swell constantly causing ever lasting itching. A black layer of dead cells get deposited over the wounds. If ignored at the early stage, then the infected tissue might even lead to gangrene.

Cause Of Black Foot

World Health Organization attributes the cause of the disease to the prolonged consumption of arsenic. With continuous exposure to toxins like Arsenic the symptoms of black foot appear after few years.

Malnutrition is also considered to be a common factor in the development of the symptoms of the black foot disease.

Treatment Of Black Foot

In advanced stages of the disease, amputation might be the last resort. Chinese researchers have recently found some relief in the form of Vinegar. A common vinegar cure to foot infection requires daily foot bath in a solution containing 50% of water and 50% of vinegar.

In Black foot disease, it has been suggested that the frequencies of the foot baths in a day should be increased. Alternate the foot bath with hot and cold water and keep the infected foot soaked in water for a minimum span of half an hour.

The acidic property of vinegar eases the itching of the pustules and enhances the PH balance of the foot cells that is essential to combat the spread of the infection.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This kind of vinegar has been found to reduce the inflammation of the skin. Combined with hydrogen peroxide, the substance also acts as a pain reliever. It helps in inhibiting the further growth of the infection.Cotton balls soaked in vinegar, when directly applied on the sites of infection are known to produce better effects.

Vinegar treatment has been found to be effective only when pursued at the start of the appearance of the symptoms. Once the symptoms of Black foot disease get augmented, this means of traditional cure will no longer stand effective.

Apple Cider Vinegar


Amputation is the last resort adopted to inhibit the spread of the infection to the other parts of the body. The gangrene like symptoms can become very infectious causing the blood to get poisoned. In such a case removing the infected part remains the best possible choice to treat the medical condition.

Prevention Is The Best Treatment For Black Foot

The best treatment of Black foot disease is its prevention. Since toxins like Arson are the main culprits that are responsible for the disease, escaping exposure to the toxin is the best means of avoiding its occurrence. It has been established that drinking toxicated water is more harmful than outer physical exposure. Awareness and education, early recognition of exposure and water testing facilities are the best ways to stop the further occurrence of the disease.

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