Natural Vitamins To Prevent Asthma

Many people around the world are suffering from asthma and intake of prescribed medications or nasal sprays are the two treatments that are most commonly brought into use in case of emergency.

Vitamins To Prevent Asthma

People should keep in mind the fact that asthmatic attack gets triggered not only by changes in weather but also by allergic reaction to a particular food item also.

However, if an asthmatic person wants to reduce the ill-effects of respiratory problem of asthma then the intake of natural vitamins will not only reduce the negative effects of asthma on body but will also help in recuperating from it.

Fact to Remember

Prior to starting any type of vitamin regimen, it is important that if a person is already suffering from asthma then the prescribed medicine should not be discontinued. There should be a fine balance between vitamin dosage and medication for asthma.

Vitamins Preventing Asthmatic Attacks

Vitamin A contains an element known as carotenoids. This particular element when consumed by a person changes into vitamin A in the body which keeps the respiratory system in excellent form and also improve the immunity. People eating food items containing Vitamin A are less prone to asthmatic attacks even in most vulnerable season. Main sources of vitamin A for this purpose are green leafy vegetables and tomatoes.

Vitamin a

Vitamin B6 and B12 are also considered helpful in assuaging the harmful effects of asthma. Moreover, if a person have minimum three milligram of dosage of Vitamin B12 it is considered equivalent of single inoculation.

vitamin b2

It is advisable for people suffering from asthma as well as healthy people to consume at least one apple in a day or consume raw apple juice because apart from iron, apple is a rich source of Vitamin C which reduces the possibility of asthmatic attack or development of asthma in a person.

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People suffering from asthma must eat fruits that are citrus in nature and also include little bit of dry fruits, eggs and milk products in their diet. According to a medical study, it has been observed that having a minimum of three gram of Vitamin C on a daily basis certainly decreases the intensity as well as occurrence of asthma.

Apple Juice

Some vitamins can also be taken in combination. For instance, consortium of Vitamin E and A save lungs from harmful affects of pollution.

For pregnant women, consumption of Vitamin E in adequate quantity is extremely important as the baby would be protected from chances of developing asthma in the longer run.

Vitamin E

There are several types of vitamins and nutritional supplements such as zinc, omega 3, Vitamin D, alfalfa, calcium and magnesium that can be taken individually or in combination to develop effective safeguard mechanism against asthma.

Vitamin D

Potential Sources Causing Asthma

Though there are several factors that can trigger asthmatic attack in a person but there are potential sources that can cause sudden attack. Some of them are allergy to a particular food item, change in weather, excessive pollution, constant worry and also infectivity in respiratory tract.

There are several elements that might aggravate the condition of an asthmatic patient. For example, presence of pollen in the atmosphere, smell emanating from any smoky source and some sweet smelling substance.

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