6 Effective Herbal Remedies For Allergies


Many people suffer from one or other type of allergies and the causative agents for the allergies may be present in the food that we take or even the air that we breathe.

Allergies may be constant or may be seasonal and the common symptoms include coughing, running nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, sinusitis, inflammation, allergic asthma, rashes etc. An allergic reaction is the abnormal response of immune system to some stimuli such as dust, food ingredients, insect bite, pollen, chemicals etc.

Usually immune system protect the body from harmful germs and infection but in those who have allergy the immune system mistakenly treat certain common substances as harmful intruders and produce more histamines which then travel through the blood stream and produce observable allergic reactions.

Many people having allergic problems rely on drugs, sprays or painful shots to get rid of allergic symptoms but most of these medications cause many side effects such as nasal irritation, sedative effects, drowsiness etc. There are herbal remedies to address the allergic problems. Some of the herbs boost up the immune system, so that immune system does not attack the allergens while some other herbs deal with the allergic reactions and subside them without causing any side effects.

6 Herbal Remedies For Allergies

The most popular and easily available antihistamine is vitamin C which helps to reduce the inflammation and nasal secretion. Vitamin C in combination with certain flavonoids like rutin, hesperidin and quercetin is ideal to treat allergies. Many of our garden vegetables and fruits contain vitamin C and flavonoids and some of these are citrus, berries, plums, spinach, peppers and broccoli.

Vitamin C

Stinging nettle is also an antihistamine that can block certain allergic reactions and prevent certain symptoms of the allergy. It may also reduce the severity of certain other symptoms. Stinging nettle works best against the respiratory allergic reactions and it can be taken in tea form or tincture or capsule form. Two to three milliliter of tincture can be used three times a day.

Stinging nettle

The active ingredient in licorice helps to stimulate the production of body’s cortisol which is a hormone that helps to reduce the inflammation. This herb produces the same effect as that of cortisol medication but without causing any side effects. However constant use of licorice may aggravate the blood pressure of hyper tensed people.


Capsaicin present in cayenne or chili pepper helps to desensitize the mucosa that lines the respiratory tract and thus prevents them from getting inflamed upon when gets exposed to the irritant. It also prevents the excessive secretion of fluids and runny nose.

chili pepper

Grape seed extract and goldenseal tonic helps to boost the immune system and but those who have high blood pressure should take caution while using goldenseal as it may aggravate the blood pressure.

Grape seed extract

Salt water sprays are widely used for washing out the dust and pollen grains and treat allergies. Half teaspoon of non-iodized salt water in one cup of luke warm water can be poured through one nostril and allow it to drain out through the other nostril to flush out the sinuses and keep them clear. Bitter orange, honey, angelica, elder flower, chamomile, eyebright etc. are also useful herbal remedies for allergies.

Salt Water

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