11 Valuable Home Remedies For Runny Nose

Allergies can sometimes cause a lot of difficulties and tamper with your daily life. Running nose is one of the most common allergic symptoms found both in adults as well as kids. It can cause a lot of irritation and can also cause other accompanying symptoms like headache and pain around the eyes.  While a running nose may not be very harmful for your body, the discomfort it causes can harm your work as well as daily activities.

Runny Nose

Over the counter medications for running nose are a dime a dozen. But why run after over the counter medications that could even have side effects when you can very well treat your symptoms at home? For common ailments like a cold or a running nose, it is always better to stick to natural remedies as this will help you retain your immunity and resistance.

If you have allergic symptoms that last all throughout the year, home remedies may only be of help in controlling the symptoms temporarily as there could be an allergic reaction that is causing the problem. For running noses that arrive once in a while, try these simple home solutions that will do a world of good in keeping your daily commitments.

Home Remedies For Runny Nose


Ginger never fails to deliver when it comes to natural remedies. For sufferers of runny nose, just chew on small piece of ginger down your throat. Ginger will immediately make your body warm and helps in increasing the blood circulation in the body. Making the body warm means that your nasal passages are relieved from the mucus completely, thereby stopping the running nose within minutes. Chew ginger as often as needed until you are completely relieved.


Herbal Teas

Strong herbal tea will allow all your nasal blocks to be removed effectively and stopping the symptoms completely. Take one cup of water and add a teaspoon of elder berry, one teaspoon of yarrow root, one teaspoon of mint and 1/4th teaspoon cayenne pepper. Steep for about five minutes. Once it is cool, you can strain the decoction and consume it. This treatment will increase your running nose for some time. Once all the mucus runs out, your symptoms are effectively taken care of.

Herbal Tea


Take one ounce of watercress two times a day. There are several ways by which you can take watercress. Make a tea out of it or add it along with your tea. Whichever way you use it, it is extremely beneficial in stopping running nose. For making a tea out of watercress, take 2 teaspoons of dry water cress and steep it in a cup of water. Strain and drink two times a day.


Saline Cleanser

Nasal sprays or saline sprays can either be made at home or bought from the medicals shop. Both are as effective and are even safe for using on babies. Take 4 ounces of water and add 1/4th teaspoon salt into it. Now you can pour this water into your nostril, one at a time and allow it to flow out through the other. Repeat the procedure through the other nose.

This can be done 5- 6 times a day for clearing the mucus completely which will stop runny nose. Remember not to use nasal sprays for too many days as it can increase your runny nose.

Nasal Sprays


Using a humidifier at home will prevent the dryness of the atmosphere which can worsen your symptoms of runny nose. Keeping the atmosphere moist will prevent the mucous from getting thick and causing more trouble. Leave the humidifier on when you sleep to prevent disturbances from sleep.



The herb nettle can relieve a host of problems inside the nose like inflammation of the nasal passage, itching inside the nose and nasal congestion. Nettle can be boiled in a cup of water for making nettle tea which will immediately relieve running nose. You can use them as supplements too which are available in herbal shops.

Nettle Tea

Stay Away From Allergens

Allergic reactions to certain things can sometimes cause runny nose. For this, before you start your treatment, it is good to identify the allergen causing the symptoms. Identifying the allergen will effectively remove your symptoms and also prevent its occurrence again. Once this is done, you can take home remedies or allergy medications for relieving the symptoms.

Allergy Medications

Castor Oil

Taking castor oil regularly will help you prevent all sorts of allergic attacks. For running nose, take five drops of castor oil and add it along with a glass of water or juice. This has to be consumed first thing in the morning for best results. Castor oil can relieve a blocked or runny nose and offer solace to all suffering from breathing difficulties due to nasal blockages.

Castor Oil


Sometimes, your runny nose could be the reaction of histamines in the body as a result of allergies. In this case, the best way to prevent it is to take antihistamines that can stop the action of histamines such as antihistamines. Taking antihistamines will immediately stop the release of histamines in the body and stop your runny nose as well.

Chamomile is a natural antihistamine and hence taking chamomile tea will prevent the release of histamines in the body. Drink chamomile tea twice daily for relief from runny nose.

Chamomile Tea

Peppermint Tea

The cooling action of peppermint can be enjoyed while sipping peppermint tea everyday for instant relief from runny and itchy nose.  For making a soothing and relaxing tea that can stop runny nose as well, take one teaspoon of peppermint leaves and steep in a cup of water. Strain and drink two times a day.

Peppermint Tea


Garlic can stop all kinds of infections and allergies possible as it is a natural antibiotic and also a disinfectant. Take 2-3 cloves of garlic every day for stopping all kinds of diseases in your body.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.