5 Natural Cures For Trigger Finger

Before talking about the curing process of the trigger finger, we have to know the meaning of trigger finger. A trigger finger is generally known as the popping and snapping of a finger of our hand, when it is opened or closed. It is called as a “trigger finger” because of the snapping of the finger.

This is a common condition for the fingers like middle, index, and ring fingers. To make a firm grip, when we attempt to flex the fingers, we can hear the snapping sound and it is very painful. In this situation, you cannot stretch back your affected finger to the normal position as it gets locked. So, there we may need another hand for stretching.

Best Natural Cures Of Trigger Finger

1. Rest And Soak Your Hand In Warm Water

You should rest your hand for four to six weeks as it will get relaxed. And, avoid the overuse of the trigger finger. Also, you should avoid or minimize the repetitive gripping action. Soaking your affected hand in warm water can give you can a very effective result. Morning is the best time to perform this procedure, as it will minimize the harshness of catching sensation in the day time.

Rest And Soak Your Hand In Warm Water

2. Botanical Pain Reliever

Botanical pain reliever is nothing but the proprietary mix of pure and selected botanical ingredients with verified natural anti-inflammatory action. It is very effective for the treatment of repetitive stress disorders like trigger finger. This proprietary mix is cold processed and cold pressed for avoiding degradation from the heat generated by pure botanical active ingredients. It is very useful as it is prepared from natural ingredients and hence does not have any side effect.

3. Home Remedies

Generally, home remedies are also available for the treatment of a trigger finger. You have to do passive stretching of the finger as well as the hand; hold trigger finger with your other hand and gently stretch it up towards ceiling. It will help avoid the development of adhesions in these areas and increase blood circulation. Put ice from time to time in the affected areas as it will lessen swelling, which goes with inflammation. And, most importantly, you should avoid those movements, which cause more symptoms.

4. Massage

Massage is a one of the best methods for the treatment of a trigger finger. You should do deep massage several times a day to the muscles of the forearm as it works wonders for the trigger fingers. You will feel very tight and painful during the massage. This tightness is from the spasm. You should break the spasm by putting pressure and further massage the muscle. Do this for a month or two for pain locking and hence swelling will be cured.

5. Primrose Oil And Vitamin B6

You have to go for primrose oil and vitamin B6 for the treatment of a trigger finger. You can either buy the capsules of vitamin B6 or consume the food items that are rich in this vitamin. If you take one capsule per day, then you can easily feel its effectiveness.

The effect of pain, swelling, and locking will be reduced soon. However, it’s a slow process; so, you should not expect the curing process to be completed overnight. It will take time and you should have patience for that.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.