5 Easy Home Remedies For Trigger Finger

Trigger FingerTrigger finger is commonly known as stenosing tenosynovitis. It is a painful condition in which a finger gets arrested when it is flexed or extended. The locking of finger is because the tendon sheath shrinks (stenosis) and the outer tendon swells (tenosynovitis). The narrowing of the tendon sometimes result in formation of a nodule and due to this, movement of tendon through the sheath gets altered.

This is a common complaint in middle aged women. It is caused by the forceful and excessive movement of fingers, like squeezing or gripping actions or could occur as a result of some accident. Joint disorder arthritis and diabetes can also cause trigger finger. Symptoms include popping or clicking sensation while moving the finger, finger stiffness, finger locking in bent position inability to straighten the finger locked.

Home Remedies For Trigger Finger

Massage The Finger

Massaging the triggered finger with cream or warm oil, relaxes the stiffened tendons. The blood circulation in the affected area where the massage is being done gets improved and this blood flow acts as lubrication for the joints and thus leads to reduction in friction and helps in normal movement.

Massage The Finger

The finger should be kept in a comfortable position and then gently massaged in circular motions. The massage in the circular motion should be done for three to four minutes.

Soaking Fingers In Warm water

Soaking hands in warm water raises the temperature of the hands which in turn makes the blood vessels to expand and increase the blood circulation. The flow of blood results in reducing swelling of the tendons and smoothens the sliding movement of tendons over the sheath.

Soaking Fingers

This also reduces pain in the fingers, the snapping sensation, and the stiffness and helps in increasing the mobility of the fingers. This can be done few times in a day.

Hand And Finger Exercise

Stretching is the best cure to get relief from the stiffening and the irritation of tendons in your fingers. Stretching hands and fingers and rotating the wrist are some of the physical stretches that reduce stiffness and pain in the affected finger.

Trigger Finger Exercise

There are many finger and hand exercises. The most effective exercise is gradually forming a hand fist with the affected hand in such a way that the tips of the fingers touch the base of the palm.

Rest The Fingers

The triggered finger can get better, if the hand rests or relaxes for some days. For this, the person having trigger finger might have to change the daily activities and will need to quit hobbies like gardening or playing the piano which can cause stress on the fingers.

The time recommended for relaxation of fingers is 4-5 weeks. Resting the fingers reduces the inflammation of the outer tendon sheath, thus leading to smooth movement of tendons over sheath.

Salt And Cider Vinegar

This treatment helps in reducing the discomfort and stiffening of the tendons. This traditional way involves the application of paste of iodized salt and cider vinegar on the triggered finger.

Iodized salt

Iodized salt and cider vinegar mixture helps in reducing the inflammation of the tendons and thus make the tendon movement smooth and easy. It also relieves the pain caused by stiffening of the tendons.

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