7 Natural Cure For Perioral Dermatitis

Perioral Dermatitis

Perioral dermatitis is a skin inflammation which particularly concerns 20-30 year old women. It appears on the face, more precisely around the mouth between the nose and the chin as a red and bumpy rash with local itching and scales. Perioral dermatitis can be healed when following a long-term treatment of antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. But natural cure remain the most effective treatment to get rid of the skin rash. Here is a list you can use without problem.

Ways to Cure Perioral Dermatitis

1. Keep Away Creams, Lotions and Fluorides

You have to avoid putting cosmetics or moisturizers on the affected skin. Any type of cream, lotions or fluorides, which are very beneficial on a normal skin, can deepen the irritation when used on a skin affected by the perioral dermatitis. If you feel the need to moisturize the inflamed zone, you have to apply plain glycerin on it.Moreover, steroidal creams generally prescribed by doctors are not recommended. The skin easily becomes addicted to it. So, whenever you stop applying it on the skin, irritation emerges again.

Keep Away Creams, Lotions and Fluorides

2. Use Yogurt, Vinegar and Green Tea

Apply natural yogurt, available at most grocery stores, on the affected part twice a day. It provides a sensation of cooling mask and calm down itching and irritation. Many women, who have tested it, are satisfied with the fast and effective results.The two other natural ingredients that help fight perioral dermatitis are green tea and vinegar. When mixed and dabbed on while warm twice or three times a day, it leads to excellent results in a few days. When applied, the mixture brings a soothing sensation in short-term and curing in long-term.

3. Consider Calcium and Thyroid

Calcium is a vital element that helps protect the barrier of your skin. The amount of calcium and thyroid are interrelated. Low thyroid results in low calcium. In other words, perioral dermatitis can be caused by the low levels of thyroid which regulates the amount of calcium in the body.

4. Vitamin Supplements can be a Plus

The following vitamins contribute to the healing of perioral dermatitis:

1. Vitamin A favors a bigger amount of new skin cells
2. Vitamin E soothes inflammation
3. Vitamin B12 strengthens the skin barrier with calcium

Vitamin Supplements can be a Plus

5. Discover the Failsafe Diet

Failsafe stands for Free of Addictives, Low in Salicylates, Amines and Artificial Flavors.” When applying this diet, most dyes, preservatives and chemical flavors are eliminated. Eating healthy food may not be enough to see satisfying results since natural chemical may be there.So, just avoiding junk food is not sufficient. To make the Failsafe diet effective, you have to respect a list of allowed food for two to four weeks.

6. Try Gluten / Casein Free Diet

Many processed and restaurant food serving wheat, barley and rye contain gluten. You have to know that gluten intolerance is responsible for skin rashes. Also try to avoid consumption of dairy products containing casein, a milk protein for some period and wait for result.

7. Try Virgin Coconut Oil

Available at any health food store, this oil includes Lauric Acid and a natural anti-viral and anti- bacterial agent which helps moisturize the skin.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.