Top 15 Foods Rich In Vitamin B12

Foods Rich In Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 often heard as Cobalamin is one of the essential mineral for your health for performing vital processes in the body. Also, a slight deficiency of this nutrient can lead to fatigue, anemia, depression etc. and, in the long run, it can even lead to permanent damage of the nervous system and the brain. This vitamin is produced by bacteria and it is available in the animal products as well as in the processed cereals and foods. Vitamin B12 could be taken in large amounts as the excess is either stored in the liver or excreted from the body. So, include vitamin B12-rich foods in your diet.

Below Is The List Of The Top 15 Foods High In Vitamin B12:


Fish and other seafood varieties are loaded with good doses of vitamin B12. In fact, one serving size of mackerel contains around 16.72µg of Vitamin B12 which is more than enough to get the daily requirement of vitamin B12 for an average adult.



Sardines are one of the fish varieties that contain a good dose of bone-healthy nutrients such as calcium, Vitamin D, and omega 3s. A can of sardines that are packed in 3.75 ounces of oil is nearly loaded with 8.22µg of vitamin B12.



Seafood varieties such as clams are an incredible source of vitamins and minerals. Clams contain a healthy dose of iron good for your hemoglobin production, chromium for regulating your cholesterol levels, and B vitamins. The vitamin B12 content found in a 3-ounce serving of clams is 84.06µg.


Turkey Liver:

Turkey liver has a delectable taste and is loaded with a bunch of nutrients. A 100gm liver contains a good dose of vitamin B12 and vitamin A. A 100gm serving of turkey liver has 49.4µg of vitamin B12.

Turkey liver


Salmon is one of the healthy seafood varieties that have a bunch of omega 3s, vitamin B12, vitamin D, selenium etc. If you are lacking vitamin B12 then you need to add salmon to your diet. A 100gm serving of salmon can deliver 18.1µg of vitamin B12.



Oysters are packed with healthy amounts of vitamin B12. They are high in vitamin B12, vitamin C, Vitamin D, thiamin, riboflavin, and vitamin A. Oysters can deliver more than the required content of vitamin B12 for an average person i.e. for every three-ounce serving of oysters you can get 29.77µg of vitamin B12.



They are a kind of shellfish variety. They have a distinct taste and eating them on a daily basis can provide you with a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, along with Vitamin B12. According to few studies, a three-ounce serving of mussels can provide around 20.4µg of vitamin B12.


Fortified Cereal:

Fortified whole grain varieties in cereal are loaded with an abundant quantity of vitamin B12. Eating a 3/4th cup or 30gm of a fortified cereal can provide around 6µg of vitamin B12. However, check out the nutrition labels to find out the exact quantities.

Fortified Cereal

Swiss Cheese:

Add a slice of Swiss cheese to your sandwich to get a bunch of vitamins and minerals. Swiss cheese contains a healthy dose of vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin B12. One ounce or a slice of Swiss cheese contains 0.94µg of vitamin B12.

Swiss cheese

Emu Steak:

Emu steak contains good amounts of protein, niacin, and amino acids. They are low in fat and a three-ounce serving of emu steak contains 7.96µg of vitamin B12.

Emu Steak

Mozzarella Cheese:

Adding a slice of mozzarella cheese to your sandwich is a great way to get rid of vitamin B12 deficiency. Mozzarella cheese contains vitamin A, D, E, B12, protein, and calcium. One ounce or one slice of mozzarella cheese has 0.65µg of vitamin B12.

Mozzarella Cheese

Fortified Soymilk:

Fortified soymilk has a great dose of nutrients and can be added to your diet to get a healthy dose of vitamin B12. Fortified soymilk is a great food source for vegans who lack vitamin B12. It is also packed with both vitamins A and D. A 100gm serving of fortified soymilk has 1.11µg of vitamin B12 i.e. 19% of your daily vitamin B12 requirement.

Soy Milk

Gjetost Cheese:

Gjetost cheese is made using goat milk and is an incredible source of vitamin B12. An eight-ounce serving or one packaged gjetost cheese can meet 92% of your daily vitamin B12 requirement. An 8-ounce serving of gjetost cheese contains 5.49µg of vitamin B12.

Gjetost Cheese


Crab is packed with great doses of vitamin B12 among the seafood varieties. It is high in potassium, copper, selenium, and zinc. It is loaded with healthy B vitamins. A 100gm serving of crab meat can provide 6.59µg of vitamin B12.


Non-fat Yogurt:

Plain non-fat yogurt is an incredible source of calcium, vitamin D, potassium, vitamin B12 etc. A cup of non-fat yogurt can provide 1.49µg of vitamin B12.


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