7 Natural Cure For Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a painful condition of tendons on the outer side of the arms. It is a type of inflammation, which is caused by activities related to tennis such as racket gripping or forehead swinging, but it is not always the reason for cause of pain.

7 Natural Cure For Tennis Elbow

Some repetitive motions that actually involves twisting elbow or more even when non-sport activity like typing or crocheting also result in causing tennis elbow.

Ways To Natural Cure Tennis Elbow

Put Ice Packs

The working of ice is similar to an anti-inflammatory agent. Put ice pack over the elbow for atleast 15 minutes a day and it will give you some relief from pain. This will result in reducing the swelling of tendons and of course tendons in the elbow. One should prefer to keep the elbow in an elevated way, so it will help the elbow to pump blood easily, so as to reduce pain as well as swelling. The activities which cause inflammation should be avoided.

ice packs

Do Compression

The wraps or elastic bandages could be preferred in order to give a temporary support to the joints and reduce the swelling as well.


Compression should be done properly to get quick relief from the pain. Do it regularly, so that you can get rid of pain permanently.

Do Compression

Do Correct the Way

Generally, tennis elbow is not caused due to the physical activity, but it’s the wrong or improper form of doings, which leads to the cause of tennis elbow. So stressing one’s elbow and correcting the form of doing any physical activity in a perfect way may prevent the disease.

Do correct the way

Take a Rest

The most common physical activities like painting, tennis, throwing, and many more which leads to the cause of tennis elbow, are caused due to the repetition of such activities without any proper rest. So the sufferer should carefully take a proper rest after taking a break in periodic interval whenever required.


This will certainly help you out to reduce the stress and pain in the elbow. It would be more beneficial if you limit the movement of arm and the affected part, so as to get cure of the condition fully in less time. The sufferer must avoid strength building exercises and mild stretching of the affected portion of the body.

Take a Rest

Change of Racket Grip

It is suggested to change the racket grip size or on alter a forehead just to involve action of the wrist quite less. The rest time should be increased between activates.

Change of Racket Grip

Wear a supportive Strap

The tendons could also be protected by wearing a supportive strap over elbow.


Perform Exercise for Tendons

There are a lot of exercises to increase strength of the tendons and muscles in the portion of elbow, so that they can be very less vulnerable to stress, caused by the repetitive motion. Thus, it is better to understand the cause to get cure of it easily. This will result in keeping your arms free from pain and give you a healthy live. The best treatment for every disease is prevention, so the same fact can be applied here. Once the cause of the pain is identified, you can prevent it easily.


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