Natural Cure For Impetigo

Impetigo is actually a communicable disease, which is caused due to the bacterial infection and germs like streptococci and staphylococci which produce itching and pain over the skin on different portions of body like in between lips and nose. It produces sores over the affected area and is usually found in children.


Natural Way to Cure Impetigo

Use Lavender Oil

One should also consume the lavender essential oil just after washing the area affected by impetigo. To do it, you must add 2 drops of lavender oil in the cotton pad and subject it softly over the affected area. Once a cotton pad is used over a particular affected portion, it should not be used again and thus it is preferred to use separate pads for each blister for effective treatment. This process of treatment should be applied for atleast 4 times a day until and unless it gets completely cleared up.

Lavender Oil

Consume Goldenseal

To clear the blisters completely like just to vanish the impetigo, the sufferer should consume atleast 250 gm of goldenseal regularly. It gives positive effect just because of the presence of anti-infective chemicals that actually helps to fight against those specific bacteria and germs that actually stimulates impetigo.


Use Tea Tree Oil

The effect of impetigo could be reduced by the use of oil treatment. To do it a mixture is made with one part of tea tree oil and one part of carrier oil like vegetables oil and shaken well and mixed properly. It would be better to store it in a cool place, which will be dry as well. Now using small ball of cotton you can subject the mixture of oil over the affected skin softly.

This process of treatment should be done for atleast four times a day. The cotton ball could be disposed by wrapping it in the tissue and must wash your hands properly so that it could not be transferred to someone else because of its communicable nature.

Tea Tree Oil

Take Special Care

Starting from the initial stage of the impetigo, the sufferer should take special care and do wash hands properly every time they get touched with the affected part of the skin. The fingernail should be trimmed nicely in order to prevent scratching of the affected area which if not cared wisely could spread to the other portions of the skin as well.

Wash hands

Consume Garlic and Turnip

The application of the crushed garlic cloves directly over the affected area could really result to reduce the effect of impetigo on it. This paste will certainly prevent the affected part of skin from itching.

One could also prefer for chewing directly atleast two cloves of garlic daily to have effective result. Rice water and soaked pieces of turnip have also been proved to help get cured of the disease soon.


Say No to Bath Products

The sufferer should prefer for only the antibacterial soap and almost avoid any other type of the skin products and actually bath products as well around the affected area by the impetigo in order to get cure of it as soon as possible.

Soap Bar

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.