Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

Weight lossLiquid diets are an amazing way to provide your body a great kick-start to a healthy lifestyle. The diet mainly involves consuming only liquids for losing weight and cutting down on solids. It is easily digested by the body and it does not leave any residue in the intestines. It provides all required nutrients and keeps the body energized.

Besides, it reduces calories intake and detoxifies the body. When the calories consumed is drastically reduced, the body start conserving energy and metabolism slows down aiding in weight loss. Liquid diet also enhances the quality of your life. As the body undergoes a detox, you are more likely to ward off chronic diseases such as arthritis and cancer. The diet mainly includes fruit and vegetable juice, soups, water, etc. It is important that the liquid diet be supervised by a dietician.

Various Liquid Diet For Weight Loss


Drinking water is the easiest way to reduce weight, as it can make you feel full. It saves calories by keeping you away from eating more. When the body metabolism slows down and the body does not contain enough water, the organs will not function effectively. Therefore, keeping the body hydrated is very important for fat metabolism.

Drink Water

Drinking water in the morning can contribute to the weight loss by increasing the metabolism of the body. Water flushes the toxins from the body and lubricates the joints. You should drink minimum eight glasses of water in a day and the water intake depends on the environmental conditions too.

Juice Diet

Juice diets include only fruit and vegetable juices and no solid food for a few days. Commercially available juice is not a part of this diet. Only unpasteurized fresh juices are believed to be effective juice diets. This diet detoxifies the body and eliminates harmful toxins, which are built up in the body. It is a more effective diet for boosting immune system and provides quick absorption of nutrients into the body. It is a healthy diet based on fruits and vegetables, which has low calorific value. It can reduce weight quickly initially.

Juice Diet

It initially contributes to loss of water and then followed by muscle loss due to low energy and low protein to build up muscles. It slows down the metabolism thus reducing the calorie intake to low levels. The body perceives to be in fasting state, so saves energy rather than using it. Juice removes insoluble fibers from fruits and vegetables making the nutrients and enzymes more available for the easy absorption by the body. You can also add a few things like flax seed or olive oil to your juice, which boosts the overall health.


Smoothies help greatly to reduce weight. They make a perfect low calorie diet that is capable of keeping your stomach full for long hours. A glass of smoothie can provide all the required nutrients without adding any extra calories, so choosing the right ingredients is very essential.

It can provide the body with a good balanced diet, which includes protein, carbohydrates, beneficial fat, vitamins, minerals and all other essential nutrients. A few things when added to traditional smoothies can quicken the weight loss, for example, berries, capsaicin, yogurt, greens, stevie, etc can be added to smoothies to cut calories.

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Clear Soup Diet

Clear soup is prepared by removing the solids from the soup. They have low calorific values and fat making them perfect weight loss diet. Soups are a part of balanced, healthy diet for weight loss. It makes you feel full very quickly. Thus, stops the consumption of solid food. The longer you feel full, the lesser you will eat.

Soup Diet

When you continue to take this diet over a period of time, your stomach will get smaller in size and aids in weight loss. Clear soup hydrates the body and improves digestion. The stomach digests the soup more slowly than solid food. Soup is considered as an ideal fat buster. It boosts energy in the body, provides all essential nutrients, and satisfies hunger.

Green Tea

Sipping green tea every day is the simplest way to reduce weight. Green tea is prepared from unfermented fresh tealeaves.  It is a rich source of antioxidants. Epigallocatechin present in green tea increase the metabolic rate as well as decreases appetite. Green tea contains theobromine, saponins, vitamins and caffeine.

Green Tea

The compounds present in green tea increase the heat inside the body resulting in increased metabolic rate and aids in reducing weight.  It combats cholesterol and keeps weight and heart problems at bay. Adults are recommended to take 2 cups green tea every day for weight loss.

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