How To Prevent Headaches

HeadachesHeadaches are most commonly found in both children and adults as well; children suffer from headaches due to cold, cough and fever. While, adults get headache, due to stress and tension which appears due to family problems; often falling sick; dehydration; eating less; concentrating on more activities within certain time limits, especially looking after children, cooking or doing other activities simultaneously, and so on…some people also suffer from headache due to work pressure in office.

Headache might take several other ways to arrive, but the pain remains the same – terrific and ridiculous! If you have severe headache which remains for long days till a month or so, then consult your family doctor, as it could be a sign of sinus headache or other bad situation like- brain tumor etc. However, to cure minor headaches, you can try some easy home remedies that could help you to cure headache quickly and most effectively.

Ways To Prevent Headaches

Press Eye Brow Points

Among various methods to prevent headache, pressing eyebrow points is the most effective remedy that help remove headache easily without any medications. Hold your thumb between your eye-brows, and rub your left thumb on your left eyebrow, while right thumb on your right eyebrow; do this simultaneously that helps to prevent headache.

Press Eye Brow Points

You can also press your nose points by holding your left and right fore-fingers on the left and right side of your nose line, and rub for atleast a minute. Follow this as many times you can and kick headache aside.

Doing Meditation Helps

Doing meditation helps divert your mind, removes stress and tension that causes headache; meditation not just helps to reduce headache, but also cools your mind and makes you remain active throughout the day.


You can try performing meditation in many ways that includes-just closing your eyes without focusing on object, or meditating upon object such as Jyothi or candle meditation, etc.  Concentrating on any object diverts your mind towards particular object that makes you forget your worries and prevent headaches.

Apply Sandalwood Paste 

Applying sandalwood paste is really good in the treatment of headache. Sandalwood paste is a cold substance, which is best enough in curing headache quickly, when applied on the forehead, as it gives good sleep as well as good relief.

Sandalwood Paste

Thus, apply sandalwood paste on your forehead and allow it for 10 minutes, sleep well and you will see the headache gone!  If you follow the same for atleast a week, you can prevent headache easily. 

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Drink Hot Coffee

If you have a severe headache, drink hot tea or coffee, as it is very essential in treating headache. The reason is that, caffeine inside the coffee and tea has the ability to prevent headache immediately.

Drink Hot Coffee

Hence, drink tea or coffee as soon as you get headache; to prepare Coffee, boil a cup of milk, by adding required amount of sugar and put coffee powder; stir well; now delicious coffee is ready to drink and get rid of terrific headache.

Anacin Tablets 

Anacin tablets work very well in removing headache, and thus, researchers say that, a single tablet of Anacin works amazingly good in curing headache, also it makes you prevent headache for few months too.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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