How To Prevent Gas And Bloating

Gas And BloatingGas in the digestive system can be irritating and embarrassing as well and this condition is very common in the western world where the people have an unhealthy lifestyle and wrong dietary habits. People who have poor diet tend to expel gas 14 times more than people who have good diet.

Luckily simply making some small changes to your diet and a few remedies from the kitchen can relieve the problem of intestinal gas and bloating. The first step in learning how to prevent gas and bloating, you need to identify the foods that cause the problem and eliminate them from the diet.

Foods That You Must Avoid

The foods that are most common causes of gas and indigestion are fried and spicy foods, refined sugar and processed foods.


Other foods causing gas include cabbage, most beans, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, onions, broccoli, corn, apples, oats, potatoes, pears, most dairy products, prune and peaches. You should especially avoid eating these foods at night.

Ways To Prevent Gas And Bloating


Fennel seeds are great for the digestion and the simple way to consume them is to chew a spoonful of fennel seeds whenever you feel bloated or after every meal. You can even crush fennel seeds and make a tea of them by pouring boiling water on them.

Fennel Seeds

Anise and dill seeds are also great for relaxing the muscles in the digestive system and allow the trapped gas to be expelled. Apart from that chewing these seeds will also act as a mouth freshener. This is one way of how to prevent gas and bloating.

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Ginger is really a wonder herb and is used in the treatment of several ailments. Consuming fresh roots of ginger or drinking tea can not only give you relief from gas and bloating, but also prevent the further formation of gas in the digestive tract. Ginger can be added as a flavoring agent to the food that you cook or you can eat a teaspoon of freshly sliced ginger before mealtime to prevent gas.



If you want to know how to prevent gas and bloating then adding more of parsley to your diet is one way of doing this. You should especially add parsley to foods that are more prone to cause gas and bloating. It can be used freshly minced or as a dried herb. In addition, you can also consume this in its raw form.



Garlic helps you stimulate the glands producing digestive juices. It is best to make use of fresh garlic in your food. Follow it up with a spoon of fennel seeds to freshen your breath. However, you should take this remedy on a regular basis to get relief from your problem of gas.

Hot Water

Sipping water as hot as you can b. Half a cup of very hot water is usually sufficient for how to prevent gas and bloating. Thus, if you drink a cup of warm water whenever you feel gas, the problem will subside to a great extent.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil

This is another great remedy for preventing gas and bloating and is also a great remedy if you are already suffering from the problem. Take ½ a cup of cool water and mix two drops of peppermint oil to it. Drink this mixture once or twice a day for preventing gas and bloating.

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