How To Prevent Colon Cancer

Colon CancerCancer is a life risking disease. Cancer can affect any part of the body. Cancer, is characterized by growth of cells that are abnormal in nature. There is some cancer that occurs more commonly than others. There are more than 100 kinds of cancer that occur the different parts of the body, including breast, skin, lung cancer, colon, prostate, and lymphoma. The symptoms of cancer also vary depending upon the type of cancer and treatment also has to be followed accordingly. Treatment for cancer and be specific as well as general. General treatment includes chemotherapy and radiation and even surgery.

Colon cancer takes place when there is uncontrolled cell growth initiated with cells in the large intestines. Most colon cancers originate from small, noncancerous polyps that form on the inner walls of the large intestine and some of these polyps may grow into malignant colon cancers over time if they are not removed on time. Colon cancer cause symptoms of indigestion like constipation or diarrhea, pain in the abdomen, gas formation, blood in the stool, pain during bowel movement, weakness and fatigue. There can also be tremendous weight loss, anemia due to loss of blood and irritable bowel syndrome. Following prevention steps at early stages are always advised.

Various Ways To Prevent Colon Cancer

Eat Healthy Food

In your everyday prevention of colon cancer one must eat healthy balanced diet, which helps and improves the digestion system and does not pressurize the intestines. Fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals and pulses must be eaten on an everyday basis because they contain minerals, vitamins and fiber and antioxidants which help in prevention of colon cancer and improves digestion as well.

Fruits And Vegetables

Keep mixing and changing the fruits and vegetables you consume so that you are able to enjoy and get the benefits of all types found. It is important to wash them well before consuming it to avoid taking in toxic substances.

Get Screened

Individuals who are having a high risk of colon cancer due to faulty lifestyle or family history should get themselves regularly screened after the age of 45. There are many options of screening colon cancer, all with some drawbacks, so consulting a doctor before getting screened is also important.

The screening should be done every year if required. So that one is able to treat the problem the earliest phase of the problem and avoid lot of pain and hassle later on.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption

Most people who drink end up consuming high amounts of alcohol everyday and spoil the organs of the body making them weak to function properly. Large amount of alcohol is also harmful for the colon and can lead to cancer.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking in moderation is required to prevent colon cancer. If one needs to drink at all it should either be occasionally or restricted to two pegs for men and one peg for women. People who are addicted to alcohol should take serious measures to stop it or reduce the amounts for prevention of colon cancer.

Quit Smoking

Smoking does not seem to be a reason to cause colon cancer. But it can provoke the symptoms and should be stopped to prevent the disease. The smoke contains carcinogenic materials that even gets deposited in the colon along with other parts of the body and has to be avoided at all cost for preventing all types of cancer.

Quit Smoking

Smoke is also known to increase the size of polyps in the colon which is another reason one has to quit smoking if he or she wants to prevent colon cancer.

Herbal Remedies For Colon Cancer
Natural Cure For Colon Cancer

Have An Active Lifestyle

Living a dull non active lifestyle can cause any disease, while an active lifestyle at every age is the most important prevention for all kinds of health problems and diseases. This not only keeps you away from colon cancer or other forms of cancer but all problems. Active body functions well and is not susceptible to diseases.

Obese and overweight men and women who have more fat accumulation on the waist area have more chances of getting colon cancer than others. Extra fat in the body is not recommended and should be shed by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Visit Doctor

It is important to not neglect any symptom that you feel is related to colon cancer. Though, at early stages of colon cancer the symptoms are not prominent. But individuals should visit doctor as soon as they feel they have symptoms like thin stools, cramping, unexplained weight loss and blood in the stool.

Visit a Doctor

Any of the few symptoms may be prominent in different individuals. Doctor has to be visited and consulted and precautions taken as told by the doctor. If doctor suggests some tests and screening to be required, it should be done to get confirmation and avoid exaggeration of the problem.

Family History And Consider Genetic Counseling

One must always be aware of the diseases occurred to family member. Family medical history should be learned because it plays a role in affecting every member of the family. Once you know a family member of the family has suffered from colon cancer you should get double careful about your habits and consider preventing it.

Also individuals who have genetic mutations linked to hereditary colon cancer are the most likely to develop the disease and should seriously consider genetic counseling for preventing colon cancer to a large extent.

Reduce Exposure To Radiation

This is another important prevention factor of colon cancer. Radiation exposure has been researched to have an effect on colon cancer. Individuals should avoid being exposed to radiation as much as possible. Exposure to less than 200 mSv can cause cancer and should not be entertained. It can cause other types of cancer also like lung, breast and thyroid.

Reduce To Radiation

These radiations mostly come from natural sources which are unavoidable. They are generated by radon and rocks and even outer space, electronics and travel in an airplane. So avoiding usage of electronics very close to the body and minimizing air travels as much as possible are also two ways of preventing colon cancer.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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