How To Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular DiseaseThese days cardiovascular diseases have become the major reason for death both among men and women. It is a huge term and includes number of other diseases like vessel diseases, arrhythmia, coronary artery disease, congenital heart defects and different kinds of heart infections. Heart diseases are a very serious condition and can even lead to death of the person suffering.

The main reason for their occurrence is accumulation of a fatty deposit known as atheroma within the inside linings of arteries. Some simple changes in the lifestyle can make a huge difference. Below are mentioned few tips by which you can prevent this serious disease. All you need to do is follow them regularly for best outcomes in hand.

Various Ways To Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Quit Smoking

Smoking and alcohol are the biggest enemies and can cause number of diseases. They are also the major reason for occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. If you don’t smoke now then do take steps that you don’t start it. If you smoke then you should try finding appropriate ways so that you can quit smoking instantly.

Quit Smoking


Giving up smoking at once is not an easy task but you can surely get rid of the habit if you make regular efforts. You even get anti-smoking chewing gums in the market these days to help you quit smoking. Even smokeless tobacco and second hand smoking are very harmful so make sure that you stay away from them too.

Physical Activities

It is advised that we must engage in any type of physical activity for at least twenty five to thirty minutes per day. If you are not being able to work out for 30 minutes continuously then you can even break this work out time into 8 to 10 sessions according to your convenience. You can go for jogging, walking, cycling and other similar physical exercises.


Engaging in physical activities will reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases by preventing type 2 diabetes, regulating high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Exercising even has an extra advantage that it can reduce your stress levels because too much of stress also might become the major reason for development of all kinds of heart diseases.

Healthy Diet

Another most important thing when we think about prevention of cardiovascular disease is eating a heart healthy diet. Following a Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension include eating food products that are low in cholesterol, fats and salt. Make sure that the major portion of your diet plan must be made up of low fat dairy products, whole grains and fresh vegetables and fruits. Certain types of fishes and beans can also be consumed to prevent heart diseases.

Omega 3 fatty

Products containing fat must also be limited which includes packed snacks, red meat, coconut and palm oils, bakery products, margarines, deep fried fast foods, dairy products, etc. Products rich in omega 3 fatty acids can also be consumed to protect our heart these include consuming smaller amounts of flaxseed oil or soybean oil or walnut oil or any other food supplements. You can even visit expert dieticians so that they can help you to frame appropriate diet chart according to your health conditions.

Balance The Weight

Another important thing when we think about preventing cardiovascular disease includes weight maintenance. It has been observed that overweight people have more risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Too much of exercising is not recommendable but make sure that you try to maintain your weight.

Reduce Weight

Even a small reduction in weight can help you a lot. Tiny changes can even help you such as using stairs instead of elevators, walking to the bus stop or nearby areas instead of using your car or public transport, etc. These exercises can make you healthier and can even slowly increase your resistance level.

Alcohol Intake To Be Controlled

Make sure that along with smoking you even quit alcohol today. Having a heart healthy diet also requires putting a full stop on alcohol consumption. You can drink occasionally but drinking high amounts that too on daily basis can cause many health hazards.

Managing Stress

Too much stress is directly linked with higher incidence of cardiac diseases. Number of relaxation methods can be followed on daily basis which include meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, laughter therapy and other similar stress management techniques.


Meditation can help you to decrease all electrical changes that are associated with the poor circulation to the heart. It will even help you to reverse carotid artery thickening and to lower high cholesterol levels.

Herbs And Nutritional Supplements

Number of herbs and nutritional supplements can be used to both prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases. These include ginger, onions, bilberry, turmeric, guggul, fenugreek, vitamin B12, Ginkgo, vitamin E, Folic acid, magnesium, fish oils, niacin, etc.

Proper Rest And Sleep

People these days hardly get time to sleep. They feel that instead of sleeping they can utilise their time in doing their pending work. But having adequate sleep can also make a huge difference on your health. Doctors suggest that we should at least sleep for 8 hours per night.

Good Sleep

Less sleep can make us look very tired, will reduce our efficiency and production ability and can even have negative effects on our blood pressure. It has been found that maximum number of people who sleep less are more prone to heart diseases.
So make sure that you get the required amount of sleep to prevent all types of cardiovascular diseases.

Regular Health Check Ups

You can even go for regular health check-ups. This can help you to detect any disease before it becomes worse. The earlier you get to know the disease the better it is for you.

Visit a Doctor

The three things you must check on regular basis if you want to prevent cardiovascular diseases includes diabetes, blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels.

The above mentioned tips are very effective but make sure that you consult your doctor before using any herbal supplements. Preventing cardiovascular diseases is not that difficult so make sure that you follow the above mentioned tips to prevent any kind of heart disease.

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