Essential Changes In Diet To Cure Low Blood Pressure

Low Blood PressureLow Blood Pressure is also called as Hypotension. Low blood pressure occurs when the nutrients and oxygen in the blood do not reach the tissues of the body. Some of the common causes of low blood pressure are blood volume reduction, any kind of medication and heart diseases. A wide range of problems can arise due to low blood pressure.

The signs of low blood pressure or hypotension are lightheadedness, dizziness, and slight pain in the chest, tendency to get fainted, headache, stiff neck and many more. The inadequate blood flow can also lead to heart attacks, strokes and kidney failures. Diet plays an important role for treating patients with low blood pressure. Changes in the daily diet can control low blood pressure problems. Here are some essentials which you must follow in your diet:

Diet To Cure Low Blood Pressure


A diet with low salt intake can be a reason for low blood pressure. The sodium present in salt is very essential to increase the blood pressure and retain liquids. The fluid balance in the body is maintained by sodium. Thus salt should be taken in appropriate amount to get rid of low blood pressure.


Water is the most vital part of life. Drinking lots of water not only saves from many diseases, but also has proved to be very effective in bringing back blood pressure levels to normal.


Water keeps the body hydrated and increases the volume of blood, which in turn keeps the blood pressure normal. Add more glasses of water to your day and reduce the chances of low blood pressure.

Nutritional Diet

Change your diet from unbalanced and unhealthy food to balanced and nutritional diet, as it is very important to keep you body healthy. Lots of vegetables and fruits must be added to your daily diet. Food rich in Vitamin, Vitamin B-complex and proteins, must be taken in order to treat low blood pressure.

Some such foods are oranges, lemon, potatoes, green leafy vegetables, egg, meat, nuts and beans. Do not eat too much at a time; instead take small meals at short intervals. All these small changes go a long way in bringing up your blood pressure levels to normal.

Beetroot and Carrots


Carrots and beetroots are very effective in treating low blood pressure problems. The juice of beetroot or carrot can be taken twice, which is both an easy and effective home remedy. Taking other fruit juices and more fluids are very essential in order to eradicate blood pressure problems.

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Avoid Fats and Cholesterol

Food rich in fat and cholesterol must be avoided in order to prevent blood pressure from dropping. Food which is rich in carbohydrates must also be limited. Coffee is also a best option to add to your daily routine, as caffeine helps in increasing the blood pressure.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol drops the blood pressure and can be very harmful. This is also because it tends to dehydrate your body very past.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol consumption must be reduced drastically and preferably stopped for some time till blood pressure levels are back to normal.

Low blood pressure is very dangerous for your health, as it increases the risk of heart stroke and subsequently can damage other organs. Making efficient changes in your diet is a simple way to keep blood pressure levels normal.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.