How To Cure Asthma Naturally

AsthmaAsthma is a lung disease that causes obstruction of the airways which leads to severe breathing and bronchial problems. Though in order to get instant relief from asthma attacks there are various steroids and drugs available in the market but that may have severe side effects because of which it is better to avoid such drugs. One of the best ways to cure asthma is to look for natural alternatives rather than using drugs.

Asthma can be successfully managed through proper medication and also by following effective natural methods at home. But for the best and safe results it is always best to turn to home treatments for asthma. Here are following ways which can be followed in order to cure asthma.

Ways To Cure Asthma

Follow A Healthy Diet

It is very important to have a healthy diet for those who suffer from asthma as there are certain foods that can lead to an asthma attack and make your condition worse. The most important thing that you need to follow in this regard is you must limit and reduce the quantity of acid forming foods in your diet; like foods that contain high protein, carbohydrates and fat.

Fruits and vegetables

Instead eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, brown rice, whole grains and oat meals. Always include garlic and onions in your food as they are very effective for asthma patients.

Also avoid mucous forming foods like milk, sugar, rice and lentils. Also processed foods, caffeine and meals which are spicy and heavy to digest should also be avoided. Your condition will improve to a great extent if you maintain a proper healthy diet.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is one of the best ways to cure asthma naturally. Exercises in the form of running, jogging, swimming, and all other cardio based sports and exercises help you to strengthen your lung muscles and make your breathing easier and better. Always keep in mind that never do exercises in cold air as it can trigger asthma very easily.

Regular Practice Of Yoga And Pranayama

Various yoga asanas especially pranayama which is a breathing technique used in yoga is very effective to cure asthma. Doing pranayama everyday has a great effect on your lungs and makes your breathing easy and thereby gives you relief from asthma.


Another popular method used to cure asthma is buteyko method. This Buteyko is method based on the techniques to normalise breathing patterns and to helps to reduce hyperventilation and there by helps to cure asthma to a great extent.

Drinking Green Tea

green tea

Drinking green tea regularly is another very important natural and effective way to cure asthma. Though it may not cure asthma completely but it is found that everyday intake of the tea can reduce asthma attacks to a considerable extent. Also if you drink the green tea when you feel that you are about to get an asthma attack, it is often found to prevent the attack.

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Drink Plenty Of Water

Drink at least 8 glasses or more of distilled water throughout the day at regular intervals to keep away from asthma but always avoid drinking water during the meals.


The regular intake of water helps to eliminate the toxins and decreases the amount of mucous in the body and thereby reduces the chances of asthma.

Use Of Herbal Remedies

Instead of using medicines it is always better to use herbal remedies to cure asthma. The most popular herb that is used for treating asthma is Adhatoda which is also popularly known as the Malabar nut works as an effective bronchodilator.


This increases the airflow in the lungs and also acts as a mild expectorant to get rid of excess mucus and phlegm and there by gives relief from Asthma.

If you follow these methods effective and maintain a healthy life then you can cure asthma completely and never have to take the help of harmful drugs and steroids.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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