8 Home Remedies For Shoulder Pain

There are several reasons that one can be left with an aching shoulder. The most common reasons associated with a shoulder pain are bursitis, frozen shoulders, strained muscles in the shoulders, injuries to the nerves, stress etc.

Shoulder Pain


Whilst severe cases of shoulder pain might require medical intervention and treatment, mild cases caused by stress and postural problems can be treated at h


ome with certain simple remedies. If these remedies do not alleviate the pain or reduce its severity, it must be understood that the condition is severe and require medical attention immediately.

Tips To Cure Shoulder Pain

Hot Water Bag

For a quick action that relieves tired and stretched out muscles due to stress and overwork, a hot water bag treatment comes as an ideal therapy. Fill the bag with hot water and ask someone to apply on the aching shoulders while you relax your muscles and lie down comfortably.

The heat from the bag helps in relieving the inflammation of the neck and shoulder muscles and gives it relaxation and energy after fifteen minutes of heat treatment. A hot water bag can be used under your shoulders while you sleep as well if you are particularly troubled by this painful condition at night. This will help in waking up fresh and without pain.

Hot water

Ice Compress

Just like a hot water bag, an ice compress too helps in treating inflammation and pain. Though many of us prefer heat over cold when we are weighed down by debilitating pain, for some, ice compress acts as a better alleviating agent that a hot water bag. Take ice cubes and fill in it the bag. This can be applied on the shoulder and left on for a few minutes.

Ice packs are much more effective in masking pain than hot bags. Choose the best remedy that suits your body type and condition for attaining maximum relief. Instead of dry packs, you can use a cold compress technique as well by soaking a towel in cold water and applying on the shoulder.

Ice Pack

Hot And Cold Therapy

A hot and cold therapy too is recommended as a great home treatment for short as well as long term cases of shoulder pain. For this purpose, one can depend on a hot shower, hot water bags or a hot compress or gel pack, whichever is convenient and readily available. For cold treatment, a cold shower, cold packs or gel packs that are frozen can be used.

The patient must first start with the hot therapy and do this for twenty minutes. Warm to hot water that is tolerable to the body can be used for the treatment. This must be followed by cold water treatment using one of the methods mentioned above. Doing the cold therapy towards the end will prevent inflammations as the cold water has a constricting effect on the nerves.

Hot and cold therapy

Hot Shower

A hot shower works in the same manner as a hot compress or hot water bag. As this is similar to a steam treatment, a hot shower can deliver the heat and warmth faster than a dry heat therapy given by a hot water bag. It also helps in relieving stress from the entire body. Fill your tub with warm or tolerably hot water and soak for half an hour.

You can allow hot water to flow directly on your shoulders as well if that is preferable. Take utmost care to sit comfortably in a convenient position that is relaxing for the shoulders and the neck during this treatment. Awkward positioning of the neck and shoulder like bending down can further strain the muscles and increase the discomfort.

Hot Shower


A shoulder massage is another calming home remedy that helps the muscles to come out of the stress and tension and relax from the tiredness. This is best only if you have a loved one by your side who can deliver a good massage to your shoulders.

Medicated oils or oils like mustard oil or castor oil work well for this purpose. Warm the oil slightly and apply on the shoulders. Gently squeeze the shoulder muscles and apply pressure as well. This will help in easing the tension on the muscles and relieving the inflammation and pain.


Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is an excellent essential oil that can aid in soothing and relaxing tired muscles. Take a few drops of lavender oil and add to hot or warm water that you take bath in. It can also be added to your tub of warm water for soaking your entire body for half an hour.

Another way is to use lavender oil as a massage oil. Take some olive oil and warm it. Add a few drops of lavender oil and use this for massaging the tensed and aching shoulder muscles. This will help in soothing and relaxing the muscles and aiding in the reduction of pain as well as inflammation.

Lavender Oil


Sometimes, shoulder pain is causes due to calcification where there are calcium deposits in the shoulder joints that cause friction when you move your shoulders. These kinds of pain are caused as a result of poor elimination of mineral waste. Drinking plenty of water helps in such cases and also in preventing mineral deposits in the shoulder and other joints.

Water encourages the flushing out of toxins and mineral waste and prevent dehydration of the bones and joints in the shoulders that can lead to shoulder pain. At least three litres of water is recommended for preventing and treating shoulder pain.

Water And Fluids

Lime And Honey

A daily dose of lime as well as honey is excellent for treating shoulder pain due to calcium and uric acid deposits, which are very common in people with varying forms of arthritis.

Squeeze one juice of lime and add one glass of warm water to this. A teaspoon of honey can be added to this and taken every day morning. This regimen helps in flushing of toxins, prevention and melting of mineral deposits in the joints, elimination of excess fat and also in improving bowel function.

Honey And Lime

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.