Effective Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a very common problem and there are many etiologies for shoulder pain. Strain in the muscles, pinched nerves and even stress can cause shoulder pain and acupressure can help to relieve the pain. Acupressure is based on the principle that energy flows through the entire body and any disruption in this energy flow causes pain in the area.

Shoulder Pain

Applying pressure at particular pressure points provides relief from pain and it also facilitates the energy flow to the shoulder. Moreover acupressure increases the blood flow to the affected area and distracts the pain receptors in the brain and thereby reduces the pain. The pressure should be applied gently and slowly at first and then increase the intensity of the pressure to get best results.

Pressure Point for Acupressure in Shoulder Pain

In order to find out the pressure point for treating shoulder pain, draw a line straight down to the shoulders from the sides of both ears. This point is called as GB21 and there are two more points on either side of the GB21 on both shoulders. GB21 is the most important pressure point for alleviating the pain and tension on shoulders. Whenever these points get blocked or tightened, the person becomes frustrated, irritable and impatient.


How to Apply Acupressure

Use the right hand to apply pressure on the left shoulder and use three fingers, ring finger, middle finger and index finger to apply pressure on the pressure points on the shoulder. Form a hooker shape with these three fingers and hold the left shoulder firmly on the GB 21 and the two adjust points on either of GB21. Continue applying more pressure till you takes at least five slow deep breaths and hold this acupressure points for about one to two minutes. Then change the shoulder and apply pressure on the right shoulder with the left hand.

Now, firmly grasp the three points on the shoulders and knead them well.  You can also tap these points or can even pound on these three points on each shoulder. Thereafter discontinue the process by applying pressure down through the arm by squeezing the arm. Then firmly pull each finger outward. Afterwards, each finger tingles for some time and provides relief from the pressure and pain on the shoulders.

There is another pressure point on the back of the shoulder just under the juncture of the upper arm and shoulder blade, and pressure can be applied directly on this point as well.

If the shoulder pain is due to the problems in lower arms, turn up the palm and bent halfway. There after apply pressure at the inner as well as on the outer end of the elbow crease.



Acupressure should not be used if the patient is pregnant or have any heart ailment. Avoid acupressure treatment, if the patient has any skin disorders, varicose vein, injury or bruise at the pressure point. However acupressure is not a substitute for medical procedure; hence consult the doctor before initiating the acupressure for shoulder pain.

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