7 Home Remedies For Back Ache

Back Ache

Back ache is one of the most widespread health problems that not only affects the elderly or middle aged people, but also young people who are burdened with long working hours or lead a very busy lifestyle. The pain may become unbearable and excruciating at times and restrict the sufferer from bending forward or sideward.

The people who are overweight are more prone to backache. Many women suffer from back ache during their pregnancy. Back ache can interfere with your daily activities. There can be different causes of back pain including accident, injury, strained ligament, poor posture and disc disorder etc. Most bouts of back pain can be treated at home using a few simple home remedies.

7 Best Home Remedy For Backache

Stay Active

Most of us think that bed rest for several days may be helpful for curing back ache. But most doctors today encourage back pain sufferers to get up and move around as soon as possible. Lying down or sitting constantly in the same position can not only hinder the relief process but worsen the condition. Consistent yet slow movements like walking and stretching can speed up the relief process.  If you feel like resting your aching back and want to lie down, lie down straight on your back, keeping the knees on two pillows. However, make sure to get up as soon as you can to avoid weakening of the back muscles.

Stay Active

Basil leaves

Basil leaves is another great remedy for curing back ache. Boil 10-12 basil leaves in a cup of water till it is reduced to half. Let the water cool down. Add a pinch of salt and drink to get relief from back ache.

Basil Leaves

Ice pack

Application of ice pack on the aching back can be helpful to minimize inflammation and ease discomfort. Ice pack will decrease the nerves’ ability to send pain signals to the brain. For this therapy, place a thin towel on your back. Take some ice cubes and put them in a plastic bag. Now apply the ice pack over this towel for twenty minutes and then remove it. After a gap of 30 minutes, repeat this process. This process will bring relief from pain and inflammation.

Ice Pack

Massage Therapy

To get relief from the back ache, massage any of these oils on your back. Turpentine oil has been found effective for curing back ache. Massage of mint oil can also bring relief from pain and inflammation.

Massage Therapy

You can also use garlic oil or eucalyptus oil to massage the back and find relief from pain and inflammation. Garlic oil can be prepared by frying 10-15 garlic cloves in 50 ml sesame, mustard or coconut oil.

Hot bath

If cold therapy is not bringing relief to your aching back, try hot bath to reduce pain and inflammation. Soak your body in a tub full of hot water for half an hour. Heat will relax the muscles by increasing their elasticity and ease discomfort. Pregnant woman should not use this remedy; instead they can apply heat to the back using an infrared lamp or hot water bottle for getting instant relief from back ache. Another way to apply heat on your back is to soak a towel in hot salted water. Squeeze the towel and apply on your back.

Hot Bath


Every morning, drink a glass of warm water on empty stomach after mixing 1 tsp honey to get relief from back ache.


Vitamin C

Deficiency of vitamin C can make one prone to back ache. So, include vitamin C rich food in you diet. Eat all citrus fruits, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, broccoli etc.

Vitamin C

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.