How To Cure Back Pain Naturally When Pregnant

pregnancy backache cureNo two pregnancies are similar, but the one thing, the one ordeal that all pregnant women have to go through is back pain. You may escape other complications in your pregnancy like morning sickness, varicose veins, spotting etc., but the one thing that almost all pregnant women complain about, at one point or another, is back pain.

And it is, but natural, that you suffer back pain when pregnant because apart from you gaining weight, your uterus also grows and becomes heavy considering it contains your growing womb. All this additional pressure on your back, and that too the lower back, can cause excruciating pain.

Many old fashioned women consider this pain a good symptom, a symptom of a healthy pregnancy since it means you are putting on weight, just as you should, and that your baby is growing.

Be that as it may, this back pain is also a cause of serious concern, especially if you suffer from chronic pain, as it renders many pregnant women bed-ridden, and unable to appreciate or enjoy the beautiful experience of giving birth. While your doctor can always give you safe medicines to feel better, there is always that lurking danger of a slight overdose putting your otherwise healthy pregnancy in danger. Hence, if you are one those unfortunate women having to grin and bear this back breaking pain, they try the following tips and tricks to cheat it.

Fix That Posture

To begin with, correct your posture, as almost all back related maladies are the result of poor posture. Once you stand or even walk before a mirror, you will realize that all that weight you have been lugging around has given you a slouch or stoop in your natural posture.

Now try standing straight and walking, and you will instantly feel as if some pressure has been lifted off your shoulders and your lower back. Once you actually feel this difference, try consciously checking your posture when outside, but more importantly when inside the house. While sitting be careful you use a straight back chair, but never sit for too long, as it could lead to piles.

Don’t Take To Bed

While your doctor may have asked to rest and take it easy, but in no way does this mean becoming bed-ridden. Lying in bed all the time also is bad for your health, as in your condition even a little exercise, such as doing household chores, can ensure you have a normal pregnancy.

So don’t let your daily routines stop simply because you are expecting, instead continue as usual. However, remember to take on less number of chores and do them slowly, at your own comfortable pace. If your doctor allows you, then it is best if you do some easy and light stretching and breathing exercises as these are great for your overall system, and can be done anywhere.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

The shoes that you wear when pregnant can actually make or break the healthy pace of pregnancy. This is because the additional weight that you have suddenly gained puts tremendous pressure on your lower back, which then distributes most of it to your heels and feet, especially when you move or walk.

Therefore, it is very important to pamper your feet at this time, by getting rid of all those high heel shoes you love so much, and indulging them in hot water soak once in a while. Do both these things, that is wear comfortable flat shoes with good grip and give your feet a hot salt water pedicure, and not only will your backache reduce significantly, your feet shall not swell at all, as they usually do in these nine months.

Sleep Right

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Another thing that can contribute to backache is your sleeping style. When pregnant you are generally advised to sleep on your side, as this pumps more blood to the baby helping him grow well, but sleeping on the left always can leave you with a cramped back.

So the best thing here is to keep a pillow between your legs when you sleep on the left, this helps align the body, supports the neck better and takes pressure of your lower back instantly. Try this and you will sleep so well, that you will continue following this practice long after you deliver.

No Straining

As your doctor will keep repeating from the first till the last day of your pregnancy, try to avoid all strenuous chores or moves, as any sudden pushes and pulls can really hurt your delicate back. So whatever you do, even if it getting out of bed or just sitting on the pot, do it slowly and deliberately so that there is never any kind of muscle pull.

Never lift any luggage or anything remotely heavy, including your child, if you already have one. Plus, you can try wearing a maternity belt, for providing additional support to your back and womb, especially when you travel.

Get Regular Massages

The one thing that your weak, tired body loves the most during this time is a massage. You can, and should, go to a professional at least once a month and get yourself a nice, soothing hot oil massage. Try using hot coconut oil for massage, as it is known to be easily absorbed by the body and can penetrate the skin to reach the back muscles, toning them.

It is even said to seep into the bones, thereby making them stronger. Best is to request your husband or partner to lightly massage your back before turning in for the night, as this shall ensure you a very pleasant and deep sleep.

Lastly, if all this fails to contain the pain, or if the pain gets too terrible to bear then discuss it with your doctor and get some medication for it at the earliest. Remember, to take all the multi-vitamins he has prescribed and never miss your calcium in the mornings. If you want to fight this pain without medication then try snuggling in bed with a hot compress, or sipping some hot green tea. Whatever you decide on doing, do it now, because if left untreated this back pain could continue to haunt you long after your delivery, and even follow you into your old age.

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