5 Ways To Cure Gouty Arthritis At Home

Gouty Arthritis

Gouty arthritis is one of the chronic diseases which results in the inflammation of joints. Gouty arthritis is normally noticed among men and in those who consume alcohol in excess.

This disease is distinguished by unexpected bouts and pains. It is known to be a type of arthritis which has to be treated properly by finding out the appropriate reason for the attack. Some of the amazing home remedies for the problem of gouty arthritis are mentioned below which can be followed for the complete cure of the disease.

Symptoms Of Gouty Arthritis

Sharp pain in the toe is an important warning sign for the gouty arthritis. The patient may also experience tenderness as well as swellings in the toe which is a symptom for the ailment. Loss of taste is another indication for the disease. Moreover the person may also suffer from mild fever and severe paining.

Causes Of Gouty Arthritis

Higher level of uric acid in our body can result in the problems like gouty arthritis and hence can be considered as one of the reason behind the attack. This is because; the excess uric acids get accumulated between the joints creating the problem.

Alcohol abuse can cause problems like gouty arthritis. Habitual intake of food items rich in proteins, carbohydrates etc. can be considered as one of the main cause for the disease. Being lazy at doing exercises and other activities can cause diseases like gouty arthritis.

Gouty Arthritis Treatments

1. Lilac flowers are one of the ancient home remedies for gouty arthritis. An effective tonic can be prepared by mixing 20 ml of lilac flower extract in about 200 ml of vodka. Store the combination in a cool place for 7 to 8 days. About 40 drops of this solution can be taken everyday long with the daily meals which is found to be very useful in curing the ailment.

Lilac flowers

2. Bearberry is proved to be very valuable in the treatment for gouty arthritis. An excellent decoction can be prepared by mixing 10 ml of bearberry extract in about 200 ml of boiling water. This drink can be taken once in a day for the better results of treatment. Applying freshly prepared paste of cabbage leaves is also beneficial in curing the illness.


3. Oats is one of the best remedies for gouty arthritis. About a glass of oats can be boiled in a liter of water for 10 to 15 minutes. This can be filtered and taken several times a day as a part of the treatment.


4. Dandelion is another useful remedy in the case of gouty arthritis. Some amount of dandelion roots can be grounded to paste and this paste can be mixed with a teaspoon of honey. Make small balls out of this mixture and take 2 or 3 balls every day which is very helpful in healing the disease.


5. Celery root is an excellent remedy for gouty arthritis. A small amount of celery roots can be pounded to paste and then can be boiled in a liter of water for 5 minutes. Filter the solution and take about 100 ml of it for 3 times every day.

Celery Root


5 Ways To Cure Gouty Arthritis At Home

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