Health Benefits Of Proteins

Protein is essential to maintain a healthy body. Your body breaks down the proteins, which are obtained from food and convert them into amino acids. Amino acids help to build muscles and to make blood. Even Haemoglobin in blood is made of proteins.Your nails and hair follicles are also made of proteins. Protein is necessary for the growth of almost each and every part of your body like muscles, tissue, and vital organs. It is responsible for transportation of oxygen and nutrients in the blood.

protien diet

Protein is necessary to strengthen your immune system, so that you are able to fight infections. It is essential for a healthy and glowing skin. Protein is also necessary for children in their growing years to build strong bones and muscles. If you suffer from a cut or injury, proteins help to heal the wound by repairing the tissues. Body builders are strongly recommended to eat a high protein diet.Your body does not produce and store protein. It has to be obtained from various food products in your daily diet.

Health Benefits of Proteins

Sources of Proteins

Non Vegetarian Protein Rich Foods

Fish, chicken and eggs are the best sources of healthy proteins. Eggs contain essential amino acids and it should be included in your daily diet. You should combine  protein food with green vegetables and Vitamin C in form of lemon juice or oranges. Vitamin C aids in digestion and easy absorption of proteins in the blood.

Protein rich meat foods contain high saturated fats and can cause high cholesterol. These should be eaten in small amounts.

Fish, chicken and eggs

Vegetarian Protein Rich Foods

There are plenty of foods in vegetarian diet to suffice daily protein requirement for the body. These foods include

Dairy Products

Milk is a high protein diet. You can opt for skimmed milk to reduce fat intake. Cottage cheese and curds are also a rich source of healthy proteins.

You should include at least 500 ml. milk or buttermilk and one helping of cottage cheese and two helpings of curd in your daily diet to fulfill your body’s daily protein requirement.

Dairy Products

Lentils and Legumes

Beans, soy, black grams and chick peas have a high amount of proteins. These are muscle building foods and also help to turn fat in to muscle.

Green moong dal, whole urad dal and gram dal are other vegetarian protein rich sources. You must include one helping of any of lentils or legumes in your daily meals.


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Whole Grains

Whole grain flours, multigrain flours, wheat porridge and oat meal are the best sources of vegetarian protein diet.

Avoid eating bread, buns, muffins, pasta, noodles or pizzas that is prepared with refined flour.

Whole Grains

Nuts and Seeds

Peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds, pistachio and walnuts etc. are rich source of proteins. You can eat them as it is or dry roast them to increase the taste.

Dried and roasted corn kernels, soya beans, wheat grains and bajra  make a tasty and healthy snack with good amount of protein.

Make sure to combine a protein diet with sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals for better assimilation of proteins in the body.

Seed And Nut

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