6 Tips on Healthy Diet for Women

Among the human population women are more likely to multi-task than men. It is little wonder then that there health takes a backseat as they cater to demands of their family and profession. Many women suffer from health problems like diabetes and weight gain simply because they don’t take care of their diet and eat healthy. In a mind to complete their daily tasks they grab whatever sandwich and drink that comes their way. Mostly the foods and drink they take are laden with calories and have very less nutrition value. The result is various health issues.

In this article we have compiled a list of healthy tips especially for women. Incorporate these tips in your daily life and see yourself become fit and healthy. By following the tips regularly you will also see a surge in your energy levels which will allow you to work better through the day without getting fatigued or falling ill.

Top 6 Health Tips for Women:

1. Never Skip Breakfast:

A lot has been written and said about eating a well-balanced breakfast before you begin your day. However, studies have shown that not many women follow this health advice. Skipping your breakfast or eating post 10 in the morning is going to ruin your health in the long run. Breakfast is the fuel that gives us the energy to keep going through the day. Eating breakfast also saves you from acquiring infections especially if you are a working woman. Having breakfast in the morning kick starts your immune system early and this gives the body the strength to ward off any infections. So eat your breakfast at around 8 in the morning. Include fresh fruits, a glass of fresh vegetable juice and a bowl of cereals on your breakfast table. These have enough calories and nutrients to keep you going until your lunchtime.

2. Keep Munching through The Day:

But don’t munch unhealthy snacks like chocolates, biscuits etc. Keep a jar of dry fruits on your work station and keep munching on these if you feel the need to binge. Include more of almonds than cashew nuts and pistachios in the jar. Almonds are known to suppress hunger and provide energy to the body. They also have plenty of ‘good’ cholesterol in them so stop worrying about your heart. Also, consuming 20 almonds every day helps lose about a pound every week. You can also carry fruit salad with you to office. Cut apples, bananas and papaya and put the pieces in a zip lock bag to prevent the fruits from spoiling.

A lunch of fruits and fresh fruits juice will help control your weight and also prevent you from feeling sleepy post lunch. If you want to eat proper lunch then skip white rice and white bread sandwiches. Eat foods that are low on calories like brown bread sandwich which has lots of vegetables. Non-vegetarians can eat brown bread sandwich with lean meat instead of red meat. Don’t include heavy burgers, pastas or pizzas in your lunch. The calories in these foods will give you a heavy tummy and you are likely to feel heavily sleepy on a heavy tummy.

3. Women who are of 25 years and above should take at least four capsules of calcium supplements in a week.

As women grow older and near their menopause, the bones start deteriorating. Many women end up with osteoporosis well before they reach menopause. Hence drink at least one glass of milk and eat two bowls of yogurt every day to keep your bones healthy and prevent osteoporosis. Women who are menstruating should also include three capsules of iron supplement in their weekly diet. Menstruation leads to loss of blood and iron from the body and many women of child-bearing age suffer from anemia. Eating green leafy vegetables like spinach help prevent anemia. Being anemic is not a healthy condition and can take a serious turn if left untreated.

4. Reduce intake of alcohol and quit smoking.

Many women resort to smoking under peer pressure or in an attempt to lose weight. Nicotine in your blood can ruin the immune system making your more susceptible to infections. Alcohol is nothing but fermented sugar which will deposit in your body as unwanted fat. This fat is hard for the body to burn and doing only rigorous cardio workouts can help you cut the flab. Don’t use alcohol to make your problems seem easier.

5. Don’t fall for fad diets to lose weight.

Many of these diets are based on low-calorie count and a lower nutrition count. Once you start eating your normal food you will gain back all the pounds you lost. Slimming pills are another hazard that you need to steer clear off. Slimming pills help lose weight but have side effects like sleeplessness, nausea, headache and irritability. To lose weight the healthy way simply cut off high calorie foods from your diet and start exercising at least 4 times in a week. And you don’t even have to join a fancy gym to exercise. You can walk, jog or run in the open. Do any activity that will get your heart rate going faster which will increase the fat-burning ability of your body.

6. Reduce intake of salt.

Salt is known to cause water retention in the body which leads to bloating. This gives the appearance that you have put on weight and even your clothes, including your underwear, feel snug. Water retention is a very common problem during menstruation. The best thing to do at this time is to lower your salt intake and up your water intake. Drink at least 12 glasses of water to avoid bloating and to compensate for the loss of fluids from the body. Reducing salt in your daily diet will also lower your blood pressure if it’s high or stabilize it if the blood pressure is normal. A common sign of high blood pressure is incessant headache and veins that stick out from under the skin of hands and feet.

These tips on healthy diet for women should be followed by all women who are of 30 years and above. Following a healthy diet plan will see you breeze through your menopausal years.

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