How To Eat Well According To The Vegetarian Ornish Diet

ornish vegetarian dietDr. Dean Ornish is a cardiologist who planned one of the familiar vegetarian diets to loss weight. This vegetarian diet is commonly known as the Ornish diet.

Following a vegetarian Ornish diet can be beneficial in reducing weight, lowering cholesterol level and even reducing the risk of high blood pressure. Here is some of the healthy ways of eating according to Dr. Dean Ornish.

Fruits, Vegetables And Whole Grains

Vegetables being rich in essential vitamins and complex carbohydrates; can be added to the daily diet of the patient in abundance. Following a vegetarian diet is found to be beneficial in reducing the risk of dangerous ailments like heart attack, high blood pressure etc. Whole grains can be incorporated in the diet which is proved to be useful in maintaining a good health. Barley, buckwheat, bulgur, oats, corn etc. are some of the important grains that can be consumed along with other nutritious diets.


Legumes are proved to be rich in protein. Consuming protein rich food items can be helpful in reducing the risks of serious ailments. Some of the protein rich food items are soya bean, dried beans, lentils etc. Including lima beans, black beans, chickpeas, kidney beans etc. abundantly in the diet of the patient is found to be beneficial in maintaining the good health. Egg white is proved to be an important source of protein. This is a part of the Dean Ornish diet plan.

Fat And Oils

Consumption of fats as well as oils should be controlled, but should not be completely removed from the daily diet. Saturated fats can be avoided from the daily diet of the patient and instead consuming omega 3 fats can be beneficial in meeting the requirement of essential fats. Consuming nuts and seeds can also be useful in obtaining the essential fats and oils.

Dairy Products

Fat free milk as well as milk products can be consumed along with other nutritious food items. Enriched oats, rice, soya bean milk etc. can be taken one or two times a day. This is one of the diet plans included in the Ornish diets. Decrease the intake of sugar as it is one of the main sources of simple carbohydrates.

Foods To Be Avoided

According to Ornish diet rule, one should avoid food items like meat, fish, egg yolks, avocados and other fatty food items. Almost all animal foods should be kept away from the daily diet of the patient in order to follow the diet plan set by Dr. Dean Ornish. This diet plan does not restrict the intake of fats completely as this may lead to deficiency of essential oils in our body.


Dean Ornish diet plans also recommend doing exercises along with following the diet plans. This is found to be valuable in upholding a good health. Doing exercises like walking or swimming can be useful in avoiding the risks of serious ailments including heart attack. The patients following an Ornish diet should also try to take part in meditation as well as yoga as these can be helpful in relieving us from stresses and tensions.

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