Effective Natural Cures For Atrial Fibrillation

A-fibA-fib (AF or A-fib) can occur where the impulse doesn’t get emanated from the SA node, and so the atrium doesn’t exhibit diastole in a concurrent manner, resulting in a tremendously escalated heart beat, as well as the absence of systole. It is the most ubiquitous cardiac arrhythmia, which is in colloquial lingua Franca referred to as irregular heartbeat.

It may cause zero indications, but it is often involved in palpitating actions, swooning, agony in the thoracic region, or congestive heart failure. However, in some people A-fib is caused by idiopathic or benign conditions. AF makes ailing people more vulnerable to stroke. The degree of increase can be significant, depending upon the presence of additional risk factors such as high blood pressure or, which is also referred to as hypertension.

Natural Cures For A-Fib

Consumption Of Fish Oils

Fish Oil
Fish oils minimize the vulnerability towards cardiac arrhythmias. If patients assimilated more cold-water fish, there would be infinitesimal instances of A-fib or other types of cardiac arrhythmias, and fewer prescriptions would be needed for anti arrhythmic drugs. Also, embrace gormandizing fish roe, which is the treasure trove of omega-3 fatty acids.

Magnesium Consumption

Physicians from the University of Toronto reviewed arbitrary clinical trials on the role of magnesium in the treatment. They compared the effectiveness of magnesium to placebo or anti arrhythmic pharmaceuticals. Magnesium therapy was much more effective than placebo, and did not have side effects.

Magnesium Diet

Intravenous magnesium administration is an efficacious and sure fire and safe method for the acute management of rapid A-fib. Magnesium at least intravenously, can be helpful in rapid onset Atrial Fibrillation. Magnesium deficiency in the diet induces heart arrhythmias. Oral use is likely to be of benefit.

Proper Diet

Consider partially bidding good-bye or eliminating all stimulants videlicet caffeine, some herbal teas, coffee, and herbal supplements and so forth. Being teetotaler and bidding adieu to alcohol and inebriation cuts the susceptibility to A-fib.

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C may play the role of panacea in some scenarios. Oral vitamin C consumption can drastically dwindle the vulnerability and the possibility of premature occurrence after patients encounter electrical cardio version. Vitamin C plummets the low-level inflammation that follows this condition. Early Atrial Fibrillation recurrence after cardio version may be attributed to the electro-physiological metamorphoses in the chambers of the heart.

vitamin c


A research team randomized 44 patients who had undergone a cardio version for persistent A-fib to standard therapy plus oral vitamin C or standard treatment only, has noted that patients given with the vitamin, received a 2-gram loading dose 12 hours before cardio version and 500 milligram twice daily for the next 7 days. One (4 percent) of the patients given vitamin C had a relapse of A-fib, while eight (36 percent) of patients not given the vitamin did. International Journal of Cardiology, July 2005. Keep your weight at a normal range since obesity is associated with a higher rate of heart rhythm disturbances.

Perform Yoga Regularly

Performing yoga helps the vulnerable patient plummet his or her anxiety magnitude and the phenomenon in turn minimizes the possibility of Atrial Fibrillation. Staying stress free also plays a vital role in keeping A-fib at bay. Embrace the philosophy of getting six to eight hours of deep sleep in the nocturnal time period.

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