Risk Factors For Heart Disease

Heart DiseasesHeart disease affects a broad range of people across the globe. While age is considered to be one of the prime factors when it comes to developing cardiovascular ailments, many health experts emphasize that people can show symptoms of heart disease at any age depending on certain risk factors. While some of the risk factors can be controlled by making major lifestyle changes, there are many other which cannot be regulated.

So, if you belong to the category of people who have the uncontrollable risk factors, keeping the changeable risk factors under check is of imperative need. Read on to get an idea about some of the most important risk factors for cardiovascular ailments that heart patients should be wary of.

Risk Factors For Heart Disease


Age is regarded as one of the critical risk factors for heart ailments. It is a known fact that the likelihood of developing heart diseases increases significantly with age. The American Heart Association has further revealed that close to 83 per cent heart patients who fall prey to heart ailments are above the age of 65. Moreover, women who suffer a cardiovascular attack at an older age are more likely to die in just a few weeks time in comparison to men.


The possibility of developing cardiovascular ailment is much higher in men compared to women. Men are much more susceptible to the symptoms of heart disease which includes blood pressure, high cholesterol as well as heart attacks. Despite the fact that females face the risk of developing heart ailments after menopause, it is lesser in comparison to the risk faced by men.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Heart Diseases

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Leading a sedentary life is one of the sure-shot ways of developing the symptoms of heart diseases if the unchangeable risk factors are positive for you. Lack of exercise or any physical activity makes you much more prone to cardiovascular ailments. Hence, if you have a desk job that involves no physical exercise, make sure that you indulge in some form of exercising.


Family history is known to be a determinant factor when it comes to cardiovascular diseases. If either of your parents suffers from heart diseases, the possibility is pretty high that even you would develop it.


Obesity also has a major role to play in deciding your likelihood to develop hard diseases. Health experts reiterate that accumulation of excess fat especially around the waist enhances the risk of heart ailments and strokes considerably even if the rest of the risk factors are missing. The best way to reduce this risk is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle which would allow you to stay in shape. Eat right and exercise on a regular basis to shed the extra kilos and stay fit.

Smoking And Alcohol Intake

Excessive smoking or alcohol intake is known to facilitate heart disease and the risk of suffering strokes. Both these habits increase hypertension and blood pressure which aid cardiovascular ailments and heart attacks. In a bid to decrease the risk factor of heart diseases, make sure that you cut down on smoking as well as alcohol intake.

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